The Bad Habits That Will Age You Prematurely

There are some bad habits that will make you look older than you actually are. This is bad news if you are doing your bit to look youthful, with whatever method you are using to reverse ageing signs. If you ever needed a reason to quit these bad habits (aside from the health consequences), knowing that they are ageing you prematurely should be all the incentive you need.

Bad Habit #1: Eating too much sugar

Those sugary snacks are not great for your waistline, and they aren't great for your face. Sugary foods create an insulin spike, and that can lead to inflammation which breaks down your collagen levels. This will result in your skin looking saggy and the early onset of wrinkles. And as we know, sugar is bad for your teeth. Your once pearly whites will become discoloured, and you will probably lose one or two as well. While you can opt for restorative dentistry to put things right, you should probably make changes to your diet now to maintain both your white smile and your youthful complexion.

Bad Habit #2: Not getting enough sleep

According to research, not only will a lack of sleep give you bags and dark circles under your eyes, but it will also shorten your lifespan. Sorry if that fact alone is enough to keep you awake at night! For both your complexion and your life changes, it's in your best interest to get the right amount of sleep. Experts say between 7 and 9 hours is the optimal range. This means cutting down on late nights and cutting out those sleep-inhibiting bad habits, such as having too much screen time before bed.  

Bad Habit #3: Sitting for too long

A sedentary lifestyle can lead to the early onset of a range of diseases, as well as the problem of obesity. And according to research, sitting too long will also biologically accelerate the ageing process. So, not only will you feel older than you are, you will look older too! Still, we can navigate the problem by doing more exercise. Cut down on those binge watches of an evening, and if you are sat for long hours for work, ensure you get up now and again and stretch your legs. Your health and lifespan depend upon it!

Bad Habit #4: Having the heating on for too long

Not only will you add to your heating bills, but keeping your home toasty warm for extended periods can also add years to your face! The heat will suck the moisture from the air, and this will lead to your skin becoming dry and inflamed. As we mentioned earlier, this will result in those bothersome wrinkles appearing around your face. While we wouldn't want you to sit in a cold room to avoid the ageing process, you might still consider wearing a few extra woollies when it's chilly, or lowering the temperature of the room, so the heat isn't too excessive.

To avoid premature ageing, pay attention to the bad habits we mentioned, and make the appropriate changes to your lifestyle. Not only will you look better, but you will feel a lot better too. And as we said, you will also extend your life chances if you commit to good living instead of bad. Take care, and thanks for reading!

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