Why you Need to Re-Set Your Microbiome and Cure the Pain of Chronic Disease

Curing the pain of chronic disease is a priority for many sufferers of a debilitating health issue. So, could re-setting your Microbiome be the answer you seek?

Studies have shown that your Microbiome is the key to your bad health.

What is your Microbiome?

  • Your Microbiome is part of the ecosystem that regulates your gut health and immune system.

  • The Microbiome is full of healthy bacteria that your gut needs to keep healthy and kill off bad bacteria.

  • Your individual Microbiome is your genetic footprint as it determines your DNA, health factors and the likelihood of developing a disease and so much more. 

  • The microbes that make up your microbiome manage a lot of your bodily functions and how they react.

  • The foods you eat and the surrounding environment can change the makeup of your Microbiome and cause the healthy bacteria to be over-run by bad bacteria, causing autoimmune disorders and health problems related to your gut.

What is a Healthy Microbiome?

A healthy microbiome is one that has a sizable number of healthy bacteria fighting off infections and diseases. A healthy microbiome can thrive by sustaining a healthy diet and topping up the healthy bacteria.

By keeping away from antibiotics, you'll prevent the healthy bacteria from being killed. The healthy bacteria in your body does the job of killing off bad bacteria and infection better than antibiotics can.

A healthy microbiome has trillions of healthy bacteria fighting off any disease that enters your ecosystem.

How Can I Improve the Health of my Microbiome?

There are many ways to improve the health of your Microbiome. As mentioned before, stop taking antibiotics as this kills off not only the bad bacteria but also the healthy bacteria. More ways to improve your Microbiome;

Stop Smoking – by stopping smoking you’ll give the microbes in your lungs a chance to develop into healthy microbes thus helping to improve your all over health.

Stop Eating Processed Foods – processed foods are full of added sugars, salt, fats and cheap cuts of meat or poultry.

Eat Raw, Fresh Fruit and Vegetables – this increases the biodiversity of the microbes in your gut.

Eat a Healthy Diet – think cave man diet. Meat, poultry, fish, fruit and vegetables along with nuts and raw milk to keep your gut healthy.

What Foods are Good for your Microbiome?

Eating a variety of foods to improve your gut will give you a diverse diet and an excellent range of healthy bacteria living in your gut.
Foods good for your gut include;

Plant-based food – any food that grows in the ground, i.e. Vegetables, fruit, fresh herbs and spices.

Foods that contain fibre – pulses, nuts, fruit, vegetables and whole grains.

Probiotic foods – such as fermented milk and cheese, i.e. kefir and live yoghurt.

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil – is better for you than any other oil as it has a high number of Polyphenols good for the gut. 

Prepare your Body to Start the Healing Process

When you start on a gut healing process, give yourself time to cut out the foods that cause the gut to be in distress. Giving up caffeine, sugar, processed foods and food and drink high in sugar, will give you the best chance of succeeding in your goal and being able to sustain the healing process.

Give yourself at least one week to cut out these foods to prepare for your gut healing journey. You may feel withdrawal symptoms if you’re a heavy tea or coffee drinker, for example, headaches in the first few days. Persisting through these headaches will help your overall health after you’ve re-set your microbiome.

Eliminate the Foods that are Causing your Chronic Disease

We touched on this a little in an earlier paragraph, but I wanted to go into it in further detail.

Sugar is one of the main culprits for the cause of Chronic Disease. Another big player is Gluten. Not everyone suffers from the intolerance of gluten, but by eliminating it in your first few weeks you give yourself the best chance of healing your gut.

Caffeine, processed foods and high sugar and salty snacks are all foods to cut out of your diet at this stage. You may have noticed your diet developing unhealthy habits over several years due to processed food being prevalent in your daily diet. The main reason being the busy life you lead compared to decades ago when life wasn’t so hectic.

Cutting out dairy foods can also help with the healing process of your gut. Because dairy foods go through a process of pasteurisation, you lose the healthy bacteria that are found in milk and cheese. Therefore, fermented milk and cheese is a better substitute. You can also try coconut milk, almond milk or goats milk, make sure they are the unsweetened kind.

Preparing your weekly intake of food will help in your process and motivate you to kick these unhealthy habits and give your health a kick in the right direction. Giving you more time throughout the week if you prepare for the weekend.

Re-introducing the Main Culprits of your Pain

After two weeks of eliminating the foods that were causing your gut problems, you’ll feel better and will have lost a few pounds by boosting your metabolism and clearing the old foods stuck in your colon.

Re-introducing foods you eliminated in the first few weeks like gluten and dairy products will give you an idea of what is causing your problem. Try them one at a time for a three-day period to give your gut a reasonable amount of time to adjust to them. If you have no problems, you can continue with this in your diet. 

Re-set your Microbiome

A few tips to re-set your microbiome is to leave yourself 12 hours overnight without eating. This will re-set your microbiome for the next day, so if you have a difficult day, family gathering or a party, all is not over you can re-set for the next day.

In Conclusion

You need to re-set your microbiome to heal your gut, have a healthy eco-system within your gut, add plenty of healthy bacteria to your diet and stay away from antibiotics and meats that may contain antibiotics. i.e. cows, sheep and pigs. Make sure you eat meat from grass-fed animals or animals raised through organic methods.

The Results of Re-setting your Microbiome

A healthy gut, no issues with IBS/IBD, you’ll be less likely to suffer from chronic diseases long term and your overall health will improve. 

Improve your future health by curing your own chronic disease and live a healthy life.

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