Combat Sagging Skin Permanently

One of the most dreaded signs of age, for a lot of people, is when your body begins to change against your will. You find yourself checking in the mirror for the odd white hair that would come to ruin your trendy bangs, or for the little lines around your mouth that make you look grumpy when you don’t smile.

But what gets a lot of people is when the skin loses its elasticity and begins to sag. However, more and more people are experiencing visible sagging skin at a young age. What hides behind this unexpected premature sign of ageing and how to best combat it, this is the question we’re answering here.

Why is your skin sagging?

Your skin might lose its firmness and elasticity for a number of reasons. Primarily, there is indeed an element of age; as you grow older, the production of collagen and elastin reduces, which causes the skin to droop, leading to wrinkles and fine lines. But other factors can lead to early sagging. A significant weight loss can make it more difficult for your skin to tighten up around your new shape. Increased and unprotected sun exposure and excessive smoking can also be damaging. Additionally, excessive tiredness can reduce natural body functions, such as the production of collagen.

I can’t do without a little help

If you’ve been through a drastic body transformation involving extreme weight loss, you may be left with a fancy size 8 or 6 but loose skin all around the areas that have changed the most. If this is the case, unfortunately, there is no natural treatment to address the issue. You will need to look for a surgical intervention instead, which may require applying for an unsecured loan to cover the costs. However, you need to give your body time to recover from your diet and maintain its weight before getting in touch with specialists.

I’m tired and dehydrated

If you have troubles sleeping, you might start to develop eyebags and swollen eyes, which might even require permanent treatment. More importantly, you feel the tiredness in your brain, as you find yourself struggling to focus and generally depressed. But what you don’t notice is that your body also needs the rest to maintain its functions. Lack of sleep gradually affects the immune system, the production of collagen and the kidneys. Additionally, compensating with coffee and energy drinks may leave you dehydrated, which affects your skin firmness too.

I need to do more sports

Finally, your modern lifestyle affects your skin too. A lot of young people develop sagging skin around the neck and face as a result of bending their heads to look at their smartphones. Additionally, a sedentary lifestyle that consists of sitting at your desk all day doesn’t help! But don’t despair: a Canadian study has revealed that regular exercise can make your skin appear younger and firmer. Could the treadmill be the solution to modern age sagging? The answer seems encouraging, so pack your gym kit!

From smartphone lovers to super dieters, your lifestyle affects your skin more than you know. It’s not only what you eat, but it’s also how you move and hold yourself throughout the day. In short, be smart to avoid the most common causes of skin sagging!

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