5 Tips To Avoid Fake Products Pretending To Be Pure Organic

Organic beauty products make big business throughout online stores. Since we've woken up to the dangers of chemicals and toxins in our products, we no longer want to be ignorant and bury our head in the sands. But how can you be sure you're buying 100% organic beauty products?

Below are five tips to avoid fake products pretending to be 100% pure organic.

1. Buy from a Reputable Seller

Looking for new products can take you out of your comfort zone online, hoping to get the product cheaper or find a better deal in shipping costs. But don’t let free shipping sway you if you don’t feel confident in the site.

Always do your own checks on any new website you use. Look at reviews for the site, look at how it’s set up, make sure there’s an email address or phone number to contact them.

If you always buy your organic beauty products from Love Lula, then stick with them. You know the products are 100% genuine, if they don’t have the product you’re looking for, send them an email and they may source it for you.

2. Read the Ingredients List

On the back of every product are the ingredients that go into making them. The ingredients first in the list have the highest volume, the second ingredients the next highest volume and so on.

It’s like shopping for food, if your product has a long list of ingredients you can’t pronounce let alone spell it they’re more than likely not organic or even natural ingredients.

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3. Get a Friend to Recommend a Supplier

If you know a friend who uses organic products, get in touch, ask her what products she uses and if she can verify they are genuine. Having a friend that can give you a recommendation will give you peace of mind and make sure the trust in the product you intend to use.

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4. Read Reviews from Buyers 

If you find a website selling pure organic products, who’s knowing it’s fake? You can find reviews for the website and the product to show whether they are genuine or fake. Do your homework, check everything out. Even ask social media followers if they trust the brand or have any honest feedback about them.

This will give you the confidence to buy the product without the stress of wondering if it’s genuine or fake.

5. Look for the Symbols

All organic products must pass rigorous tests and follow regulations to be certified organic. This gives them access to their symbol ensuring customers know their products are genuine. Although fake sellers will have copied this symbol, they're never 100% accurate, so keep your eyes peeled and check for further information if you don’t think it’s genuine.

If you doubt the originality of a product when seeking to buy a product, think twice about buying and maybe look somewhere else. It’s safer to make sure the product is 100% what it says before putting it on your skin. The results could be disastrous for your health and wellbeing.

Stick to online stores you know and are confident they’re making all the checks before buying in their stock for reselling to customers.

Have you come across beauty products pretending to be 100% organic? Let me know the outcome and how you knew they were fake, I’m very interested to hear your story.

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