Love Your Beautiful Hair With The Intense Coconut Shampoo Bar

Having thick hair that tends to dry out very easily is a constant battle. keeping hair nourished without making it look like straw sounds easy until you have to make it an everyday life occurrence.

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In my search for a natural shampoo that'll keep my hair from drying out and become a regular theme in my hair care regimen, I stumbled across a solid shampoo. The Intense Coconut Shampoo has a brilliant white colour with no parabens

For this reason alone I already loved it, but without trying it I couldn't be 100% sold on the idea that a shampoo bar could be the answer to my dry hair problems. 

Time to Test 

So, skip a few weeks later and I tried the shampoo bar from Amphora Aromatics and it was better than I thought it would be.

The shampoo bar is a white bar, much like soap but for your hair. When you add water it foams up with an amazing speed. You can either foam it up in your hands then add to your hair or rub the bar into your hair with water. Both ways have the desired effect.

Unlike other natural shampoos, this one has plenty of bubbles and you can feel it cleaning your hair. I found it so great that I usually give it a second wash, just because I love the feel of it on my hair. After I rinse I put one of my normal natural conditioners on my hair and leave for a few minutes before rinsing again.

Final Results

I've found the shampoo lasts longer than a bottle of any other shampoo. I've also noticed it brightens my hair (this is great if you have white or blonde hair). My hair isn't as dry as it was and by continuing to use the shampoo bar I think it'll keep my hair hydrated. 

Have you tried a natural shampoo bar on your hair? If so let me know if you liked it better than a liquid shampoo.

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