6 Steps to Healthier Legs

Do you look after your legs? And I don’t just mean shaving them! We take time looking after our skin and our hair, making sure we eat well and get lots of sleep to keep our bodies in top shape. But, how often do you think about your legs? Most of us don’t give them a second thought. They carry us around, all day, every day, we’d struggle to function without them and yet, we rarely think about what we can do to keep them healthily until there’s a problem.


Many problems can affect your legs. These include varicose veins, spider veins, thrombosis, ulcers and poor circulation. These can range in severity from vaguely uncomfortable right up to life-threatening. So, stop assuming your legs will always be there to support you and start looking after them with these six steps.


Exercise is probably the best thing you can do for your legs. You’ll keep them fit, healthy, strong, toned and you’ll improve your circulation, which is a leading cause of most leg problems. Try cardio exercises such as running or swimming teaming with some mild strength training for the best results.

Manage Your Weight

Being overweight puts excess pressure on your legs and makes it harder to do anything. Try to maintain a healthy weight to make their job easier. Exercise will help with this, but eating a healthy and balanced diet is also essential.

Avoid Sitting or Standing for Too Long

Many people that have problems with their legs either work in a job where they are on their feet all day or where they are sat at a desk for extended periods of time. Make sure you take a break from either. If you’ve got an office job, get up and take regular walks to keep your blood circulating and if you spend a long time on your feet, give them the occasional rest.


Massage is another great way to boost your circulation and keep your legs healthy. Getting a massage is great, but not convenient every day. Invest in a good body brush and brush your legs every morning before you shower. This will help your blood circulate, improve your skin tone and brush of dead skin cells. Making your legs look and feel better.

Put Your Feet Up

Elevating your legs can stop blood pooling in your feet, by literally directing it back towards your heart. If your legs are tired and achy, sit or lie with your feet higher than your heart for a while. You’ll literally feel them get lighter.

Get Help

If you have any concerns about your leg health, get help before it develops into a serious problem. See your GP or visit Envisage Cosmetic Clinic for varicose vein treatment without huge waiting lists.

Other things that could help keep your legs healthy include walking more, instead of driving, wearing support hosiery and drinking less alcohol. A few simple lifestyle changes are often all it takes to keep your legs as healthy as the rest of you.

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