The Importance Of A Domain Name If You Want To Be Taken Seriously

In the beginning of your blogging journey, it may seem unrealistic to buy a domain name for your blog. After all, you're not sure if it'll last or if it's a hobby at the moment. But once you realise you want to turn your blog into a business, you need to have a domain name.

The Importance of a Domain Name

If you intend to work with brands to build your blog, you must have your own domain name. The brand won't take you seriously if you have a or domain. If a brand won't take you seriously, then you'll struggle to get back links to your site which pushes your site up the Google ladder.

Buy Your Domain Name

There is a multitude of sites you can buy your domain name from. Most of the sites have similar pricing, so unless you're looking for a deal with your domain and a hosting package your best bet is to use a service provider you can trust. 

With my own blogs and my freelance site, I've used Fasthosts to buy every one of my domain names. The service is quick and simple to use and if you run into difficulties, they're very good at getting back in touch with you if you need to get a hold of them.

Choosing a Domain Name

Choosing your domain name should be simple, you'll have the name of your blog you've chosen to use for all your content delivery. Then it's a matter of choosing whether you want a .uk, .org, .business, .com or any other ending. I personally like to have .com. With .com you can work with brands and clients from all over the world. Having .uk can sometimes restrict your business from growing globally. 

One thing I will say about your blog name; if it's being used already DON'T add numbers to the end of your original name. This is a schoolboy error and nobody will take you seriously.

So, go on take the next step and turn that blog into a business.

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