Natural Hair Care: How to Make the Change

When you move away from the harsh chemicals, that’s found in your normal shampoo and conditioner you’ll notice your whole hair care routine will take on a different shape. Hair care is the all over care of your hair, this includes any gels or sprays you may use on your hair to keep it under control. I know you may think it’s an enormous task to take on, but you don’t have to go cold turkey all at once, you can gradually phase out and swap products over two – three months.

Taking time to swap your new natural hair care products gives your body the time it needs to flush out the toxins that have built up over time. Your scalp will go through changes, the oil secretion from your scalp will return naturally.

Week 1 - 4

  • Change from Your Old Shampoo and Conditioner to Natural ProductsUse up your old shampoo and conditioner throughout these four weeks but rotate with natural shampoo and conditioner you can purchase online. For this purpose, we’ll be using Purepotions Hair and Scalp Shampoo and Conditioner. You can buy this from their website The shampoo and conditioner are both priced at £18 each but they offer a code to buy the duo for £31.50 from QVC. You can also buy it from Waitrose and Holland & Barrett among other retailers.

Although natural shampoos and conditioners are more expensive than everyday ones, the benefits outweigh the price you pay. With natural products, you need not use as much so it lasts a lot longer than everyday products; the quality is better and it’ll improve your skin and scalp condition leaving no build-up on your hair.

Changes You’ll Notice from Your Purepotions Shampoo and Conditioner

You’ll notice your Purepotions shampoo won’t lather up as much as your old shampoo does, mainly because the structure of the old shampoo has ingredients added in to make a lather to make you think your hair was getting a perfect wash. Our brains are preprogrammed into thinking it’s the natural way for shampoos to work, but it’s only something that’s added to sell the product and make it more enticing.

The Purepotions conditioner won’t have the creamy glide that gets all over your hair and makes it feel soft in an instant, this’s also something that’s added to your conditioner. The natural conditioner will condition your hair but not make it slimy or be coated with harmful ingredients that’ll build up over time. The texture is creamy but not in a slimy way that sticks to your hair causing it to feel greasy after a few days.

Regularly using your Purepotions shampoo and conditioner will remove the build-up and bring your hair back to its natural state. The shampoo and conditioner are a brownish colour rather than the manufactured white of other normal shampoos, this is due to the natural colours of the ingredients included in the product.

Week 5 – 8

  •  Add Argan Oil to Your Hair Care Routine to Control Any Frizz – Once you’re familiar with the way your hair feels with your new shampoo and conditioner you can move onto control. Argan oil is the perfect accompaniment to your natural hair care products as it supports your routine and nourishes your hair along the way. You may have discovered your hair had become a little drier as the harsh chemicals were being stripped away by your old shampoo. Argan oil will replace the oils that were being mimicked by the chemicals in your old shampoo and conditioner.

You can use Argan Oil as a frizz control after you’ve washed and towel dried your hair just like a serum. Or you can use it as an oil treatment once a month to keep your hair fully conditioned and in great shape. It’s perfect for split ends, so adding it to the ends of your hair will restore the ends of your hair leaving it noticeably healthier. Plus using an organic product will give you peace of mind your Argan Oil is produced sustainably.

Uses for Argan Oil in Your Regular Hair Care Routine

  •          Split ends
  •          De-frizzing
  •          Heat Control
  •          Deep Conditioning
  •          Pre-wash Treatment
  •          Sun and Sea Protection

Week 9-12

By now you should wash and condition your hair entirely with natural shampoos and conditioners and keep your hair moisturised and under control with Argan Oil. You’ll notice a difference in your hair, it’ll be thicker and further conditioned leaving it more manageable. You’ll have built yourself a manageable routine to fit in with your daily life and work commitments and you’ll be glad you took the time to remove every chemical from your hair. 

You may be tempted to colour your hair if you keep up with a regular colouring routine or need to cover grey hair. If you’re sincere about not adding any more chemicals to your hair, you can swap your normal hair colour routine for a natural one as well. Tints of Nature are a prime example of a natural hair colour process that involves no harsh chemicals and will condition your hair as you colour.

Keep your Hair Looking Good

Continue with your hair care routine of natural products to prevent your hair becoming greasy and unmanageable. Regularly use a deep conditioner on your hair, you can use other oils to complement your conditioning such as Coconut Oil or Macadamia Oil which hydrates the hair follicle and traps in moisture leaving it fully conditioned.

Enjoy your new hair care routine and take your new found love of natural products a step further and start a new natural beauty routine to keep your body happy and healthy.

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