Improve the Effects of Dry Skin; Naturally

Using natural products in our daily life is becoming increasingly accessible with the aid of people who care about what we put on our skin. Harmful chemicals in the familiar brands available in stores are causing us a countless number of health complications. Using natural products wherever you can considerably improve the status of your health.

This isn’t an offhand statement because I have experienced the change in my own health. Having Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for a few years,  I then changed my beauty and skin care products to natural ones. I feel my body is coping better without being compelled to fight off harmful chemicals and toxins every moment of the day. My skin is brighter, my family have also remarked on how well I look. That’s without makeup. I feel more capable of getting through the day without feeling sluggish and needing to crash on the sofa all day.

Harmful Irritants in Many Products

Throughout beauty stores you’ll come across several products and without noticing the ingredients they’ll be in your basket then going on your skin without a second thought. Most of these products will use one or more of these irritants that cause you a problem. Whether it’s a skin irritant or a period of sleeplessness or an anxiety-linked illness, this could be the cause of your poor health.

The list of irritants is a lengthy list not to mention the damage these can be to your health and your family’s health. A few irritants you will have come across are;
·         Alcohols
·         Parabens
·         Butylated Hydroxyanisole – or BHT as it is generally known
·         Lanolin
·         Fragrances
·         Beeswax
·         Benzyl Benzoate
·         Benzyl Cinnamate
·         Propylene Glycol

And believe it or not all these irritants are in Sudocreme with a few included in other moisturisers aimed at maintaining the softness of your skin.

If you look at the chart it shows you that Dermasalve a cream moisturiser for treating Eczema and other dry skin conditions is a natural product proven to achieve results. The ingredients contained in Dermasalve soften, smooth, protect and repair your skin to leave it healthy and free from irritants that constantly cause you to carry on going back to the doctor.

Sensitive Skin Improvements with Daily Use

Having sensitive skin means you will keep an eye out for products that claim, “Good for Sensitive Skin” but often it doesn’t cover that there’s still irritants in the product. Using a product that’s 100% natural will make sure you won’t be irritating your skin any further and your condition will improve.

Natural soaps are making a great comeback whether it’s for your hands or body. Using 100% natural beauty soaps protect the environment and your skin. The soap will normally come in recyclable paper or a cardboard box. Skin Salve who produce the Dermasalve cream moisturiser also has a soap that can treat dry skin conditions as a complete treatment. It can also be an everyday solution to improve sensitive skin on your hands and body or as a conventional beauty soap.

Continue with 100% Natural Products in Your Daily Routine

As well as soaps and creams to keep your skin irritant free, you should replace your washing powder, body wash, hand wash, shampoo and conditioner plus anything else you place near your skin, including makeup and deodorant. By eliminating all irritants from your products, your skin will be able to breathe and heal itself to leave your skin soft and free from the effects of dry and flaking skin.

After using both the Dermasalve cream and the Soap treatment, I found they both work amazingly. I tested the cream on my feet because I’d ran out of coconut oil one evening and the results were surprisingly effective. Since applying the cream, I’ve continued with daily use to keep my body free from dry skin. I use the soap every day on my hands and the smell is gorgeous although no fragrances are added the smell of the ingredients is lovely. 

The ingredients used in the soap are;
·         Sodium Palmate (fatty acids derived from palm oil or coconut oil)
·         Natural Palm Oil (loaded with antioxidants and vitamins)
·         Coconut Oil
·         Aqua (water)
·         Sodium Chloride (salt)
·       Tetrasodium EDTA (Chelating agent which neutralises metal ions to make hard water soft)
·         Vitamin E
·         Glycerin (fights the effects of skin conditions)

The lovely Skin Salve has offered me a 15% discount code for anyone who would like to try their products. The code is applicable until the end of August 2017 and you can use on any purchase from their store. Just copy and paste the code KEWDFV8N62BJ and add it into the box required while at the checkout.

They also have a deal on (at the time of writing this article), to pick up a free 200ml bottle of Dermasalve hand cream (worth £9.99) when you spend £21.

Have you tried any Skin Salve product? If so let me know in the comments what you thought.

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