Writing Music Lyrics As A Freelancer

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By being a freelancer you can still do the things you love. Having a passion for something is what makes you a better business person. Whatever your passion is you can use it and be your own boss. If writing songs are your thing then keep at it. There are plenty of clients out there that would love a freelancer to write them music lyrics. This way you'll be doing what you love and getting paid for it.

Setting Up Your Freelance Business

Get yourself a beautiful looking website to advertise that you are in business and taking on clients. Make sure you have all your equipment needed to run your business for example musical instruments, software, apps, business tools, tax calculators, headphones etc. If you're looking for digital products check it out!*

I find I still like to use good old stationary to get things written down. There are so many gorgeous pens and pencils to buy along with pretty notebooks and planners. But back to freelance lyric writing, here are a few programmes that might help you get started.

  • Songwriter's Pad - this programme has a phrase generator to maximise your creativity and eliminate writer's block, a built-in rhyming, synonym, antonym and dictionary tool, built-in audio recorder to capture melodic ideas when they strike, easily customizable format, Import beats as backing tracks to create the desired musical setting for your writing style, easy drag-n-drop, sync songs seamlessly between your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

  • Evernote - this can be used for various writing jobs, not just songwriting. You can take it with you wherever you go, it's compatible with android and ios phones and tablets. When you create an account your writing is synced throughout all your devices.

  • Verseperfect - this free app will have you writing and singing for hours. It suggests rhymes for you to use. It is easy to use, well designed and clear to understand. 

There are many apps and programmes to help you succeed in your freelance business so take some time to get yourself equipped with all the resources you need. Advertise your business and get yourself registered for income tax. Sign up with a few freelance sites to get yourself a decent portfolio before you launch out on your own. This will give you experience and build your confidence to build your business into what you would like it to be.

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