Our Top 5 Tips for Healthy Skin

We all have notions of healthy skin and spend our time looking in the mirror wondering what we can do to resolve it. Hunting online stores for the next big beauty product that maintains it will make your skin radiant and no alternative brand can surpass it. But you may be taken by surprise, it’s not an expensive face cream or a top of the range foundation that gives us healthy skin, it’s what we put into our bodies and how we manage it that gives us a healthy glow.

Healthy skin is no longer a myth, follow our 5 tips for healthy skin and they will revolutionise how you perceive your skin.

1.   Eat Healthy Food

By eating fruit, vegetables and foods with good bacteria you continue to add antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals that work to keep away acne, resist any infection and reduce the early indications of ageing. Try to cut out sugar, sugar elevates your blood sugar levels and induces high blood pressure and can lead to diabetes. High levels of sugar can contribute to acne breakouts and dry skin.

2.   Get Enough Sleep

Try to have at least seven to eight hours sleep a night. Often our hectic lives dictate that we require little sleep, but this can lead to health issues and unhealthy skin. By not sleeping enough every night your body won’t have the opportunity to restore itself. Your eyes will become red and puffy, you will have dark rings under your eyes and you will have mood fluctuations and weight increase.

3.   Wash Off Your Makeup

Not everybody would associate removing your makeup with healthy skin but by keeping your makeup on at bedtime you are blocking your pores which need to breathe. Having your pores blocked by makeup that has been left on the skin can cause blackheads, infection and acne. Use a natural makeup remover to clear your pores before retiring to bed and your skin will appreciate it.

4.   Protect Your Skin

Always apply sunscreen when working outdoors. Do not risk damaging your skin by ignoring the fact you need to have at least SPF 15 or higher to be protected from the sun’s rays. Most foundations these days have SPF 15 or higher included within the product. When going out – even on a cloudy day - apply sunscreen or if you’re wearing makeup make sure it contains SPF 15. Damaged skin will wrinkle more quickly and you run the uncertainty of developing skin cancer.

5.   Drink Plenty of Water

Your skins’ health emanates from the inside out, consuming plenty of natural water possesses many health advantages. Hydrating your skin helps to preserve the elasticity in your skin. It will prevent wrinkles for a longer period and give your skin a healthy glow. By drinking at least eight glasses of water a day it assists to flush out the toxins from your body leaving your skin healthy and naturally toxin free. It will likewise work to regulate your metabolism and digestion.

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