The Perils and Pleasures of Working as a Freelancer

Like with any job, there are good things and bad things about working as a freelancer. There are things that you will much prefer from your old daily job, such as not having to commute and being able to set your own timetable. You can do your own expenses and set yourself or take on as much or as little work as you need. But with that, can also come some downsides to it. Even just those things that have been described can be a negative too. You might find as you’re working alone that you do take on too much work and are constantly getting overworked and exhausted. You might find that you find it hard to discipline yourself and have a lie in each morning. Which can be both a good thing or a negative thing, as long as you get your work done I suppose.


So if you’re thinking of becoming a freelancer, then it pays to go in with your eyes open to both sides of it. As a rule, the benefits far outweigh the negatives. But there are still some, like any job. One of the hardest things as a freelancer is that you have to wear all of the hats. You have to be your own PR person, your own admin and secretary person, as well as your own accountant and finance guy. There might come a point where you are earning enough to take on someone to do it for you. But until then, you’ll have to wear all of the hats and juggle the work. So learning to be organised and managing time can be really beneficial. has a good article about apps that can help you be more organised and keep time. So that could be worth looking into.

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Money can be tricky as a freelancer. A lot of work will be clients coming to you, or you going to clients. And as a result, you’ll need invoices and all of that kind of thing to get paid. Some people may pay you immediately. Larger companies that have a payroll team will more than likely pay you after twenty-eight days, as it is just standard practice for them. So for some payments, you could be waiting for a while. As a result, it can make things like planning holidays, or even paying your bills a little trickier. So you could look somewhere like for some short term help. When you know the money will be coming in eventually, it means you can quickly pay off any debts when the invoices have been paid. So financially, you need to be quite savvy and conscious of your spend too.

But enough with the negative side of things, right? If you are thinking of becoming a freelancer then it can totally be worth it. The best thing to do is to realise that you need to work hard and that it isn’t an easy ride. Many people can make it look like it is, but it is a hard slog, at least to start with. But the best thing is, you can work from anywhere and can set your routine and schedule. The flexibility of it has to be one of the best things about it.

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