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Recently I was introduced to a new local services tech startup that makes searching for a reliable contractor or trying out something new, a walk in the park. Having a service that can provide a reliable search in your area, offering what you're looking for, saves time and money. With the added bonus of visible reviews of work previously carried out for other clients.

So what is this service called? And how can I get involved?

What Is This Service?

The service is called Bidvine. They have a host of members with a variety of services on offer. Whether you want to find a Decorator or a Salsa Class, you will find it here at Bidvine. Every service provider on the Bidvine website pays a fee to make bids on work people have searched for in their area. The buyer receives various competitive bids for services they require. If the service provider thinks they are a good fit for what you're looking for they will bid to win the job. This way you know that the business owner contacting you has paid for the privilege. Then all you have to do is decide who to take on, and when you want them to start.

The service that Bidvine offers is unique in that it suits both the service provider and the buyer.

What Can You Search For?

On my visit to the Bidvine website, I was searching for something in my area that would be a great gift for Valentine's Day. With so many services on the site, I was spoilt for choice. You can search for; 

  • Decorator
  • Website builder
  • Personal trainer
  • Nutritionist
  • Singing lessons
  • Cooking lessons
  • Party planning
The list goes on, you can see a comprehensive search for a service provider by exploring services by category. Which you can find just under the Get Started button.

What Did I Choose?

I found a fabulous service - Couples Massage that will suit our needs perfectly. It's a short drive away and will provide a special day for myself and my husband to spend valuable, quality time together.

When searching for the Couples Massage, I had a choice of which kind of massage I would like. The choices were varied and included; 
  • Massage Therapy 
  • Reflexology Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Medical massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage
  • Pregnancy Massage
  • Swedish Massage

Having the vast amount of services at your fingertips is quite liberating. No longer do you have to phone every company you can find by trawling the internet for hours on end. All you have to do is add your requirements to the well set out form, making sure all your needs are entered. And before you know it, you have a bunch of people contacting you with their prices and availability. What could be easier?

What Questions Does The Form Ask?

The questions that are in the first part of the form are a basic set of questions that determine exactly what you're looking for. The questions asked in the following parts of the form are specific to what you put in the start of the form with regards to service and job requirements you are looking for. For example;

  • Name of service required?
  • Would this be a one-off job or regular work?
  • Anything else that is required?
  • Would you like a male or female? (specifically for the massage enquiry)
  • Are you flexible?
  • What type of wiring/building work do you require? (If you're looking for this service)

The questions are set out to give the service provider as much information as possible. In order for them to decide if they can take on the work.

Overall Opinion

The service Bidvine offer is for anybody looking for work to be done, to be taught how to do a specific task or searching out a specific service to improve their life. The website is easy to navigate, and if you find you've landed in the wrong section you can easily go back and start again. The questions asked are specific to what you put on the form with regards to service and job requirements you are looking for. With the uniqueness of Bidvine, there is no need to trawl the internet for hours searching for the perfect service, they come to you. With quick responses from service providers, your job will get done much quicker. Or you will begin those lessons you always wanted to take.
*This is a collaborative post, please read my full disclosure here.

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