Why Is Fashion Not Only About Style?

Fashion as we all know is about looking good and feeling comfortable in what we wear. Fashion is the latest styles out on the market, what's new and trending and in style for that season.

But the other side to fashion is comfort. We'd all love to be wearing the height of fashion as we strut our stuff in to work each morning with four inch heels and a tight pencil skirt. But let's face it, it's not very practical or comfortable for that matter.

So how can we keep looking fashionable along with comfort and style?


Buy clothes that are timeless and will work with different items in your wardrobe. For example a pair of black trousers, they'll work with a stylish top or shirt that's new out. Vest tops in black and white, both colours will go with any other colour you want to team it with. The little black dress, this is the number one timeless fashion item. It can be dressed up for a night out with the latest piece of jewellery. Or worn at the office with a gorgeous coloured cardigan.


Buy shoes that are comfortable and fashionable. Even if your dressing for the gym, you can still look fashionable. Having a staple pair of boots is great for any winter outfit. For those of you that suffer from problems with your feet you can buy Wide Fit Shoes online to suit your style and size, giving you the comfort you need and keeping you stylish at the same time.


Accessories are what can make or break an outfit. If you have on the wrong necklace with a specific top, you may as well have just slung on a sweatshirt. Having the correct style of bag will help you to feel comfortable with whatever outfit you're going for. For example if you're going to the gym you wouldn't take your handbag, you would have a sports bag to put your drink and towel in. If you were going to the office, you'd have a larger bag to fit in your makeup, packed lunch and book for lunch time. 

So fashion is also about comfort, it's about making sure you feel comfortable in what you're wearing and how you feel in the clothes you wear. Think about your wardrobe, is there any way you can make vital changes to keep you comfortable while keeping up with the latest styles?

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