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There's an abundance of choice on the market nowadays when it comes to skincare, but how do you choose what's right for you. What's right for your skin, and more and more commonly now we're thinking what's right for the environment. When I ask myself these questions I normally start with, what's right for my skin. And for me, it has to be natural and organic skincare, without a doubt. I've spent too long falling for the wrong choices and suffering, in the long run, to be flippant when it comes to skincare.

A great source of finding Natural and Organic products is to go directly to the website. There you will find the history of the product, the back story of the company and most importantly the ingredients that go into making the product and its uniqueness.

I've been lucky enough to try products from Antipodes which I absolutely love. Antipodes are one of the most prominent Natural and Organic skin care companies out there at the moment. And reading through their back story gives you an insight into why choosing Natural and Organic products is a wise move to make.

"Antipodes is a highly innovative scientific organic beauty brand. Its visionary New Zealand founder and director, Elizabeth Barbalich, has built her skincare and makeup company on a cutting-edge combination of the highest quality ingredients from New Zealand nature and raw super-fruit extracts with science and innovation to produce high-tech certified organic and premium formulations.
As a result, Antipodes® is a trailblazer in natural skincare with scientific validation to prove its performance. Her clean certified vegetarian skincare that delivers outstanding results for helping support production of collagen, elastin and antioxidant activity has found favour with women of all ages right around the world. Antipodes® is now sold in 13 countries to its many passionate devotees including international celebrities. Products continue to win multiple beauty and health industry awards for performance."

You can read more of the Antipodes story by going directly to their website, where you will find a multitude of Natural, Organic and Vegetarian skin care products to suit every woman at any stage in their life.

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