Be The Best Gift Giver You Know This Christmas!

With Christmas on the way, it is inevitable that our thoughts turn to gift buying and giving. Every year it seems to get harder and harder to get memorable, thoughtful gifts for our loved ones. Especially if you have high expectation for yourself. But unfortunately, there is no secret formula for gift giving. Luckily there are some great suggestions below for even the most difficult people in your circle that you have to buy for.

For The Man Who Has Everything

Ah, buying gifts for the man, or woman or child that already has everything is no fun! You run the risk of getting them something that they might have already. That is why it is best to go down the customised or perishable route for folks like this. An instrument from these guys can get you started if you're hard pushed for ideas.

Choose something that you can have engraved with their name or initials to make it more special. Things like Christmas hampers also make a great gift. Who doesn't like food and wine during the holidays? Look for ones where you can add extra elements like candy canes for an additional festive touch.


For The Not Quite A Child, Not Quite A Teenager Yet

If you have to buy gifts for kids that are at the in-between sort of age, you will know how difficult it can be. You don't want to get something that is too old for them as they might not be interested in it. That is where a bit of creative thinking comes in. You can bypass this problem if you stay away from traditional toys and clothes and go for something quirky instead.

Try something like a Makey Makey Go. Which is a USB stick that you attach a wire to. Then is makes action button for any media device. That should raise a few laughs on Christmas morning! Or how about a puzzle or building kit to test their imagination and skill?  Or what about an edible treat like chocolate Brussel sprouts or a gingerbread house kit? Which will pretty much appeal to all ages.

For The ‘Don't Get Me A Present Person'

Ah, these people are just the best at Christmas, aren't they? They are the ones that say all year: "Now don't you dare go and get me a gift! You don't need to spend your money on me." But then sit in the corner, crestfallen as everyone else around them opened presents!

As you are a lovely person, you will probably want to get them something anyway, just so they don't feel left out. But what to get? Anything too big and they will feel bad that they haven't got anything for you in return. But something too small seems a bit pointless.

Well, the best gifts for this sort of person are something that they will use. Get them a gardening tool set. Or a special new baking tin for their kitchen. Then they won't see the gift as a frivolous waste of money, but they still get to be included in the festivities.

*This is a collaborative post, please read my full disclosure here.

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