Too Old For These Young Looks? How To Make Your Beauty Habits Suit Your Age

The beauty industry - including the print media - have a funny idea about age. There have even been blog posts suggesting that, after the age of 30, you need to accept you are now an Old Person. You can't be cool, stylish or on trend - you're over the hill. Time for the cardigans, the "natural" makeup and to crop all of your hair off.
Of course, this is nonsense. Age is nothing but a number, and the only one who should dictate your choices is you. Nevertheless, it can feel you're swimming against the tide - so is there some way to have the best of both worlds? Not consign yourself to the scrap heap, but find a way to make more overtly "young" things still workable?
Of course there is.

Glitter Nail Polish
Look for any "things you shouldn't wear over a certain age" list, and this will appear on it. For some, being over the age of 21 means you can't wear glitter.
How To Make It Work: Stay away from bar and chunky glitters, opting for small or holographic particles. These give plenty of sparkle without it looking like you've dipped your fingers into an art project. Stay away from indie finishes.
Coloured Eye shadow
The realm of brightly coloured eye shadow is only for the young, right? Wrong! It's for anyone who feels they can wear it comfortably and feel confident in it. It doesn't matter if you get Elianto makeup or still like your cheap-as-chips drugstore choices - colour is fun.
How To Make It Work: Learn to blend rather than just filling the eyelid with a single colour. Each eye should have three colours, which are the same shade but in different intensities.
The Lightest Shade... is a base, to be used right up to the eyebrow. Keep this white or cream for the best results.
The Middle Shade... is for the main eyelid itself, and for under the eyes if you're doing a smoky eye.
The Darkest Shade... is for creating definition, and should be used around the curve of the eye socket and along the lash line.
Blending these together will result in a more mature, sophisticated look.
Bright Lipstick
The reason given for this being a no-go is that it can draw attention to fine lines and chapped lips. Let it be noted this is something bright lipstick can do at any age - certainly not something that just happens to older women.
How To Make It Work: Use the lip colour you always would have and choose whatever shade makes you happy. The key is to make sure it's balanced. If you go for a heavy, smoky eye along with a vibrant lip colour then you can quickly begin to look like a painted doll. It can also be ageing. So focus on the lips only and keep it neutral on the eyes, using eye shadow mainly to contour rather than stand out. By letting your lips take centre stage, the colour is far less likely to draw unwanted attention.
*This is a collaborative post, please read my full disclosure here.

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