Skin Deep - Tiny, Budget Beauty Changes That Can Make You Feel Like A Million Dollars!

Hands up who is busy? Hands up who is tired? Hands up who puts everyone else before themselves? If you know what this feels like then, you’ll also know that having enough time to look after your health and beauty can be an uphill struggle. But there are some tiny, teeny changes that we can make that pay big dividends. Read on to find out what they are.

Foundation for your skin type

So, the first little change that you can make it getting the right sort of foundation for your skin type. Skin types are split into three main categories oily, normal and sensitive. If you are using the wrong base for your skin, it might not stay on as long, or it might be irritating to your face.

That is why it's worth investigating first what skin type you have, and then what the best foundation for it would be. You don't have to go trawling through all the makeup counters at the department stores either. Just take a look at sites like They compare different products so you don't have to.


A new lipstick

It is surprising how much of a difference a smear of new lipstick can make to our confidence. Try to resist the urge to always pick the same colour. It's familiar and comforting, of course, but nobody ever died of wearing a brighter lipstick. Go on, give it a go, I'm sure your be delighted with all the positive reactions that you get.

Take that makeup off

If you have gotten into the bad habit of not taking your makeup off at night, then your skin is not as fresh and healthy as it could be. Remember wearing makeup 24 hours a day block the oxygen being able to get to the skin, as well as drying out.

Take 5 minutes from your bedtime schedule to make sure that you take it off correctly. Your face will thank you for it.

Wipe Up When you Take your Makeup Off

A little trick that will cost you nothing is to remember to clean upwards when you take your makeup off. You know gravity is doing it work all day, trying to drag your skin down, why not give it a boosting massage at the end of the day when you remove that makeup.

Try a setting spray

Do you love makeup but get disillusioned with it, because it just doesn't stay in place? Then a tiny trick could change all that. Purchase some setting spray. Many brands offer this product, and it usually comes in an aerosol pump bottle. All you do is spray it lightly over your makeup once it's complete and it should help it to stay perfect for long, even in hard winter conditions.


Keep a pallet in your bag

Lastly, get a cheap multipurpose makeup pallet with a power lipstick and eye shadows in. Keep in in your purse so you can touch up your look when necessary. It’s surprising how good you’ll feel heading into that meeting or catching up with your friend, knowing you look your best.

*This is a collaborative post, please read my full disclosure here.

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