Little Things To Have In Your Home If You Throw Dinner Parties

Dinner parties. The truly grown up way to catch up with your friends, introduce loved ones and have a good time. Dinner parties have been around forever. Think of the grand balls that royalty used to throw. They're just as popular nowadays. The TV series Come Dine With Me reels in thousands of viewers every episode. So, if you throw dinner parties or are thinking of joining the ranks by becoming the hostess with the mostess, there are a few things you might like to consider adding to your home’s interior design.

So Clean, You Could Eat Your Dinner Off It

If you're entertaining people on your home, you're going to have to keep on top of it. Housework, maintenance and all. You don't want people entering your home and wondering what an odd smell is or questioning why you haven't vacuumed the carpet since you moved in. Make your home one to be proud of. Make sure everything is spotless. Especially your kitchen and dining space. Remember, this is where your guests will be eating so cleanliness and hygiene is paramount.

Table Decoration

Your guests are going to be seated around a table for most of the evening. So make it something special. There are plenty of ways to make your table stand out from the rest. From Richard Haworth table runners to personalised place cards. The options are limitless. If you fancy picking up a new talent, learn some basic origami. Your guests’ napkins will look better than ever. Use good cutlery, pretty ceramic ware and well designed wine glasses when serving your guests food. Don't forget to have some nice glass tumblers and a pouring jug of ice cold water. Your guests will want to cleanse their palettes between courses.


Lighting can make or break the atmosphere when you're entertaining guests. It shouldn't be too bright but it also shouldn't be too dim. Your guests will want to see what they're eating. But they also don't want startling artificial light. This would make everything seem, cold, sterile and hostile. Use low watt light bulbs or vintage bulbs for a warm glow. Lamps and candles are also good ways of lighting your room in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Music Systems

Music is essential when it comes to creating a great atmosphere. It can liven up a quiet room or calm tense situations. But for good music, you will need a good sound system. These can add to your room’s aesthetic. If you've gone for a vintage style, get a beautiful vintage record player. If you're struggling to find one in good condition, there are plenty new ones out there that have a vintage look but are brand new. If you have a more sleek and minimalist design, you can go for shiny black or white sound systems. There are plenty of brands that create slimline, modern systems.

If you're stuck for ideas on what wines or spirits you should provide for your guests, check out our article on satisfying alcoholic drinks.

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