Getting It Right - What Your Wedding Says About You

As a little girl, you dreamt of your big white wedding. Now the time has finally come. You’ve met Mr Right and you’re engaged. The question is, how do you turn that old dream into reality? Planning can be overwhelming, but it’s important that your wedding shows who you are as a couple. Here are some things to consider when trying to put your unique stamp on that special day.

Theme And Colour Scheme

One of the first things to consider is whether you want a theme, and what colour scheme you would like on the day. It’s useful to think of this as soon as possible because you can’t get much done without this decision made. These two factors will be one of the main things your guests see. You'll want them to be as reflective of you and your partner as possible. If you’ve been dreaming about this day for years, it's likely you already have some ideas. If not, you had best get thinking! Do you want an all out theme? Maybe cartoons, or space? Or do you want to stay traditional and have a white setting with coloured ribbons?

The Venue
One of the most crucial factors is getting the venue right. You can have the perfect decorations in the world, but the wrong venue would still be a disaster. When considering this, it’s important to think about what time of year you would like your wedding to be. It would be no good having a white theme in a gazebo if it’s going to be raining outside. Take a look at the venues available to you and get booked in as soon as possible. Do you want a church wedding or a beautiful hotel in the countryside? Most venues get booked years in advance, so don't miss out on that perfect place.

Wedding Invitations

Before the actual day, the invitations will be the only hint your guests have as to the theme of your wedding. That’s why it’s important to get these looking perfect. These can give a hint of colour scheme and theme. They will speak volumes about what kind of day your wedding promises to be.You can stay plain and simple, or add ribbons too. It’s never been easier to get your invitations looking exactly how you want them. You can visit pure invitation for personalised wedding invitations and have them designed and looking perfect in the click of a few buttons.

The Cake

The cake is sure to be the centrepiece of your wedding feast, so want yours to be an eye-catching one. If you get this right, it’ll be a lot easier to get the rest of the room perfect and ready for your guests. You might want a three tier show stopper, or maybe something more minimalist. Either way, your cake will say a lot about you on your day. There are plenty of fantastic cake makers available who will lend a helping hand in making your cake perfect.

*This is a collaborative post, please read my full disclosure here.

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