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In my ongoing search for natural beauty and skincare products, I came across Faith In Nature, who I've spoken about before. They have the fabulous Coconut Shampoo and Intensive Conditioner I tried and still using.

This time I want to tell you about their Crystal Deodorant and Intensive Moisturiser. I loved the Faith In Nature products so much after receiving the shampoo and conditioner to try, I bought the deodorant and moisturiser from my own pocket. Not all blogging is done through getting products sent to us for free, if a product is good enough we will buy it.

Crystal Deodorant

The Crystal Deodorant has a clear push-up stick.  It's made from 100% pure natural rock crystal, it is paraben free, contains no toxic ingredients and is hypoallergenic. 
Use after a shower or bath, applying to wet skin under the arms. Alternatively, dampen the crystal and apply. Rinse the stick after use, and do not use on damaged or broken skin.
The Crystal Deodorant from Faith In Nature is a great alternative to the toxic deodorants in the supermarket. It doesn't cost that much more than any other deodorant but it will last so much longer and it's natural.
I have been using this now for two weeks and I've had no sweat problems, it's easy to use and being fragrance-free it has no horrible smell to it. It leaves the skin soft and fresh and doesn't transfer onto your clothes. Well worth the money in my opinion. This particular one was purchased from Natural Collection.
Intensive Moisturiser

The Organic Intensive Moisturising Cream from Faith in Nature is enriched with Organic Ginkgo Biloba and Olive Oil to restore the skin's natural balance. The hypoallergenic moisturising cream is kind to sensitive skin and suitable for use by vegans as it contains no animal based products and is cruelty-free. It can be used on the face, hands and body. Being an effective all over moisturiser.
I have used this also for two weeks, it has a slight smell to it, it reminds me of Nivea but not as strong. It's a lovely thick white texture. The moisturiser comes in a pump action bottle, you only need a very small pump of the cream on your hand to cover your face. It can come out pretty quick if you put too much force on it. It's very easy to use and will also last a fair amount of time. I find it's a great alternative to any moisturiser I have used in the past. I'm safe in the fact that I know it's not adding any more toxins to my body. I bought this particular bottle of moisturiser from Natural Collection but it can also be purchased from Faith In Nature directly.
If you're in the process of changing from toxin loaded supermarket beauty and skincare products, give Faith in Nature and Natural Collection a try, You won't be disappointed.

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