Can You Halt The Effects Of Ageing?

We’re all getting older. But that doesn’t mean we have to look older or act older, right? Well, I guess it depends on a number of factors. The passing of time changes our bodies and our minds in many different ways. Not all of them have to be seen as a bad thing. And not all of them have to happen suddenly. There are lots of ways you can delay the effects of ageing, but can you really halt them all together?

The mind is thought to slow down as we age. Some people say this is due to having less to do. If this is the case, why not exercise your brain with some simple mental exercises? Crossword puzzles, singing, and Sudoku are all thought to task the brain no matter how old you are. Some say it can even stave off age-related mental problems like dementia. There are many new treatments and tests to help us all battle the debilitating effects of dementia. But if a few puzzles a day can help, it sounds like a good idea!

For women, the biggest sign of ageing could be the menopause. Not all women see this as a negative thing. Instead, it can feel more freeing, and the end of all those awful PMS symptoms. If the changes associated with this time of life are difficult to deal with, your doctor may be able to prescribe hormone treatments to help. Can you stop the menopause happening? Unfortunately, this is a natural part of ageing that can’t be stopped.

Men and women tend to gain weight, particularly around their middles as they age. This may be due to a slower-paced lifestyle once the children have moved out and work ends. The metabolism can also start to slow a little. Where fat is stored can change and make it a little more obvious when weight gain occurs. Fortunately, weight gain can be avoided no matter what age you are.

The trick to this is balancing your lifestyle with your diet. You may need to reduce your fat and calorie intake, or perhaps increase your physical activity. This will also help you maintain good, lean muscle. It will also help maintain your metabolism for better energy levels. You may find that your hormone changes help here too.

Most of us start to see fine lines and even wrinkles by the age of 40. Botox is just one treatment for wrinkling that can be used to temporarily halt this effect of ageing. Cosmetic and surgical procedures can tackle almost any part of your body that you’re not happy with. However, many will need to be repeated or additional treatments may be preferred as time goes by. Speak to your preferred surgeon about the options and impact of the treatment you desire.

Some of the effects of ageing, like mental decline and weight gain can be stopped or delayed in some people. Others, like deteriorating sight and hearing, usually can’t. When it comes to our appearance, we can always try different treatments to reduce the look of wrinkles. Feel beautiful no matter what your age.

*This is a collaborative post, please see my full disclosure here.

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