The Ways Colour Can Brighten Your Home And Your Life

There is a pleasant saying that goes "Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful". And it's fair to say that if you follow that saying, you'll always be happy to come home. The things we know to be useful are obvious to each of us. How far would we get without a fridge, a cooker, a bed for example? But it is the second part of the saying that is more intriguing.
You could get by without touches of beauty in your home, in a very minimalist kind of setting. But there are all sorts of studies that show having something beautiful to look at helps you relax. It allows us all to feel positive - something that can be difficult among the pace and the pressure of the everyday. Getting those splashes of colour and charm can fill a house with a more welcoming energy.
Canvas Prints
Psychologists are agreed that different colours have different effects on the mind. For example, red is known to raise energy levels. Too much of it in a room like a living room can over-stimulate you, causing stress and fatigue. However, a few splashes of it, such as on an abstract canvas print, can raise your mood. Green, meanwhile, can help you relax. Additionally, a print of a bucolic pastoral scene can help with serenity.
The ultimate demonstration of natural beauty, some pretty flowers in a room can make everything feel more positive. Roses are always good, but something more dramatic like Hawaiian flowers from With Our Aloha makes a nice change. A couple of bunches positioned around the room can make all the difference. Also, the exotic and tropical nature of the flowers is a great conversation starter.

Soft Furnishings
It's fair to say that the brighter colours aren't really what you're looking for when it comes to the main pieces in a room. They are advised for rooms such as the kitchen, where you need to be active. They also stimulate appetite, and so are good in the dining room. But if you sometimes struggle for energy, it's good to have splashes throughout. So throws and rugs in the main room are a good place for yellow and red, among others.

It could be argued that when you're in a room, the most important item to beautify there is ... you. Now, no-one's saying you have to get done up like you're going to a party, but take the colour with you and you'll see and feel the benefits. It can be a brightly-coloured nail polish, some garish socks or just a top that makes you feel positive. If you feel the need to relax, light blues and greens are best.
A few little touches can be all it takes to make your home feel happier and more positive. Getting them right can allow you to be productive when you need to be, and to relax when it's right for you. And on top of that, they're just nice to have around.
*This is a collaborative post, please read my full disclosure here.

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