Solid Shampoo From The French Company Pachamamai

I recently went to the Allergy Show at the Olympia in London that do a show every year for the free from and allergy foods that are new to the market and already on the market. This year they had combined their show with the natural and free from beauty and health products that were new to the market and already on the market. 

One of the companies I had the pleasure of meeting was Pachamamai, they are a french company who had made their first visit to one of these shows in the UK. Their products are really innovative and above all they are free from chemicals and harsh abrasives that can damage the skin.

Pachamamai are the first french brand to be certified cruelty free and vegan, even their packaging is recycled. The product I purchased was the Glamourous Solid Dry Shampoo, this shampoo is intended for people with dry hair, which is definitely the one I was looking for, they have several in the range for all hair types. This shampoo is a solid shampoo, it looks like a bar of soap, but it contains everything natural to care for your hair without leaving it dry and hard to manage. the one bar of solid shampoo is equivalent to two bottles of normal liquid shampoo.

GLAMOUROUS ideal for hair dry , with oil baobab and the ylang-ylang from the Indian Ocean.
The precious baobab oil is ideal for dry hair , brittle and dull . This beauty oil restores shine and good health to your hair. The ylang-ylang strengthens and protects the vitality of hair . He brings his warm fragrance and sweet to Glamourous. 
Application :  Lather your hands, gently rub wet hair. Rinse thoroughly. One washing is enough ...
Lasts as long as two shampoo bottles.

Our Ingredients: Sodium Cocoylisethionate (mild surfactant derived from coconut), Clays, **Baobab Oil, Shea Butter** Vegetable Glycerine*, Cider Vinegar*, Essential Oil of Ylang Ylang* (*Organic **Organic and fair) 
NCI: Sodium cocoyl isethionate, kaolin, Butyrospermum parkii butter, glycerin, adansonia digitata oil, acetum, sodium lauroyl lactylate, illite, Cananga odorata oil, benzyl benzoate ° benzyl salicylate ° farnesol °, geraniol °, linalool ° (° naturally in essential oils).

Weight : 65g.
Handmade shampoo. Manufactured under 42 °.  Made by hand, each piece is unique. 100% butters and oils are organic and/or Fairtrade .  Made in France, Chevreuse Valley.

I have used this several times now and every time my hair is left so so soft, that I can't stop touching it, you know what I mean, like when you come out of the hairdressers and your hair feels magnificent you don't want to wash it for days on end. Well that's the feeling you get when you use the Glamourous Solid  Dry Shampoo, it is that amazing.

The best bit is it lasts longer than one of your bottles of normal shampoo, so for me I think it is well worth the money. They have several different products at Pachamamai including serums, face oils, dry toothpaste, facial scrubs, natural soaps, deodorant and even men's products. All products can be purchased from their website. Remember it is a french site, so you will need to agree to the google translate to be able to understand it, unless you speak french that is.

You can follow Pachamamai on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date with all their products and trade shows.

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