Natural Remedies You Can Turn To When Life Gets On Top Of You

From time to time, life can get on top of us. Sometimes, it can feel like everything is a struggle. If you’re wading through mud, or you feel under pressure, natural remedies may help. Here are some solutions you may want to try if you’re looking to overcome stress, anxiety, or fatigue.


Exercise is one of the most powerful therapies you can rely on when you feel overwhelmed or stressed. If you’ve had a long day, the thought of going for a jog or doing a workout at the gym may fill you with dread. But if you can power through, and find some motivation from somewhere, you won’t regret it. When you engage in physical activity, your mind is distracted, and you experience a release. You can let go of frustration and vent anger in a constructive way. Match the kind of exercise you do to your mood. Are you tired or fraught? If so, try yoga, swimming or Pilates. Have you had a long day? Do you need to burn off excess energy and release some tension? If this is the case, take a martial arts class, try spinning, or play tennis.


Aromatherapy is an ancient practice, which involves using oils extracted from plants to change your mood. There are many different types of oil, and they offer varied benefits. Some are designed to energise and uplift you while others have a calming, relaxing influence. You can apply oils directly to the skin through massage or add them to diffusers. You could also get essential oils from Bioaire Lifestyle and add them to your bath. Lavender is a popular choice for those hoping to relax. If you have difficulty sleeping, add oil to a burner in your bedroom or put a couple of drops on your pillow.

Chamomile tea

It may seem a little crazy to suggest that a humble cup of tea can make the difference when you’ve had enough and the world’s caving in. But a rest and a soothing hot drink can calm you down, and help you to battle through the rest of the day. Chamomile is known for its anxiety-fighting components, notably, compounds called Matricaria recutita. If you find yourself struggling during the day on a frequent basis, pack a box of teabags in your work bag. Researchers from Pennsylvania State University carried out a study in Philadelphia. They found that participants who took chamomile supplements experienced a noticeable reduction in anxiety.

Listen to music

Music brings about an emotional response in most of us. You can put a song on to lift your spirits when you’re getting ready or to help you wind down at the end of a busy day. If you feel tense, or you’re anxious, make a playlist using songs that you know make you feel serene.

Now and again, we all have one of those days. You’ve got too much to do, and not enough time. You’ve got deadlines or people wanting you to be in two different places at once. If you do get overwhelmed, try these natural remedies. Sometimes, even the simplest solutions can do you a world of good.

*This is a collaborative post, please read my full disclosure here.

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