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Following on from my new found love of organic and natural skin care products, I have found a lovely company Skinsincere who sell a whole range of different products for women who are like me wanting to change from the harshness of everyday skincare and move to the organic and natural ranges on the market.

I received three samples that I chose to review for you, here is a little bit about all of those samples;

The pro age serum is intended for dry, sensitive or mature skin, being in the mature category, this one was ideal for me. This serum has active natural ingredients to hydrate the skin and leave is soft and supple. It is filled with age defying antioxidants to help reduce the signs of fine lines and reduce the sign of dull and damaged skin and restore natural radiance, this serum comes in a 30ml bottle.

This body scrub is made from Coconut extracts and real fruit seeds, the Coconut Body Scrub Soufle gets rid of dirt and dead skin cells, it is natural and organic and made with organic oils and fruit seeds to leave your skin highlighted and fresh feeling. It comes in a 250ml jar.

The clarifying skin polish will help dull, dry and uneven skin by re-hydrating and refreshing the skin. It contains nourishing organic ingredients and has no harmful effects like skin irritation or redness. leaving your skin fresh and smooth to the touch. It comes in a 150ml jar.

With the Skinsincere store you receive Skin Boost Points every time you make a purchase of their products, these points add up to give you money off your further purchases, you get 200 skin boost points just for creating an account.

What I thought 

I have been trying out my samples from Skinsincere for the past week and a half and i have to say from the three that I have been using the Coconut Body Scrub Soufle is definitely my favourite, the smell is absolutely gorgeous and your skin is left feeling really really clean. The fruit seeds do an amazing job of exfoliating your skin to get all the dead cells off.

My next favourite was the Aloe Vera Clarifying Skin Polish, it too was amazing at getting the dead skin cells off and leaving your skin feeling amazing, the aloe vera smell is ok but it doesn't beat the coconut. It is very effective and again the fruit seeds do an amazing job.

Last but not least is the Pro Age Serum, this was specifically for dry, sensitive and mature skin, I'm not too keen on the smell of this serum, but it is a very good serum, it glides over your skin to get all over your face and neck, you don't need much of it at all. i have noticed a slight difference but I think I need to keep using it to get the full effects of the serum.

If you want to try any of the products I have mentioned or any other ones in the selection of skincare products on the Skinsincere website you can request up to three free samples to try, all you need to pay is your postage costs.

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