Look And Feel Special For Your Summer Night Out

It's the weekend and you want to look special, it's going to be a lovely summers evening. You can show off that lovely tan you've been so tentatively topping up every time the sun comes out.

So what can make your outfit stand out and make you feel like a hundred dollars? One way I feel special is by adding a few strategically placed temporary tattoos. Yes I know every time you think of temporary tattoos you think of the old chewing gums that had a free tattoo in it. (If you're not old enough ask your parents). 

Times have moved on and there are now businesses making a living from selling temporary tattoos. They have become so modern over the past few years, and just the perfect accessory for your summer night out.

There are just so many to choose from, and with such lovely colours and designs, you'll have a hard choice trying to figure out which one's you want to try first. You could have a wrist tattoo that looks like a bangle or a love heart or even an elephant, the choice is really endless, with the metallic designs they will be highlighted in the sunshine and look stunning.

They are so easy to put on, they take minutes and if you've chosen the right one for you and placed it in the perfect place you will feel fabulous. Your girlfriends will be so envious.

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