Five Minute Fixes For Common Personal Appearance Worries

Unlike the celebrities of the world, few of us have the time to dedicate fully to making sure we look as good as possible before we leave the house. It doesn't matter if it's a routine medical appointment or a full-on evening out on the town. Generally, we want to look our best.

Yet without the army of stylists, makeup artists and personal assistants, some things fall by the wayside. Rather than staring in a mirror, then realising the time and muttering "I'll do" to yourself, try something different. Below, we'll run through a list of fixes to improve your appearance - and your self confidence - quick as a flash. Start the clock…

Hair too dirty?

A blast of dry shampoo is your friend if you haven't got time for a full wash. If you've none to hand, arrowroot powder or cornflower starch can have the same impact. Just make sure you brush through thoroughly.

Time Taken: Three minutes, with brushing.

Hair too wispy and flyaway?

Tame hair into shape with a dry oil, such as argan oil. This brings everything into line without making you look like you dipped your head in grease. Put a few drops on your palms, rub together, and then run over your hair to smooth.

Time Taken: Two minutes.

Don't look awake enough?

It's a common complaint, especially if you're tired or feeling unwell. Mascara is a go-to product here, as the lift to your lashes immediately makes you look more awake. You can also use a hairdryer briefly on a pair of eyelash curlers, to enhance their effect. Dab white eyeshadow on your eyelids, near your nose, to increase the impact.

Blusher is also a good friend in these times. Apply by forcing a smile, and then brush the powder onto the natural "apples" of your cheeks. This gives a healthy glow rather than a painted-on image.

Time Taken: Three-to-four minutes.

Teeth looking a little yellow?

It's an instant downer, and can make you too self-conscious to smile. The answer here is whitening strips for teeth, which can do their magic in a few minutes. It's not going to be a thorough clean and bleach like you would get at a dentist, but it'll work in a pinch.

Time Taken: Three-to-five minutes.

Pimple showing you up?

You can drain redness by wrapping an ice cube in tissue and holding it to the area. Then colour in using an eyebrow pencil to create a beauty mark rather than an angry red zit. If that's a step too far, with less redness, you should find it easier to cover with concealer.

Time Taken: Five minutes

Lips chapped?

A particular problem for winter, chapped lips don't look good. First and foremost, chug back a glass of water as quickly as you can. Although the weather has some influence on lips, much of the issue comes from dehydration. Next, grab some sugar or bicarbonate of soda. Rub this lightly over your lips for some quick exfoliation, which will ease the chapping. You can make the job even easier by mixing your exfoliant with some coconut oil.

It's worth considering lanolin, a natural product, to finish the job. It's got a slight gloss to it and is endlessly moisturising, without any of the issues of conventional lip balms.

Time Taken: Three minutes.

*This is a collaborative post, please read my full disclosure here.

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