Fabulous Beauty Treatments You're Never Too Young For

Are your teenage daughters constantly nagging you for one of the latest beauty treatments? You might be worried that they are still too young. It’s true that most cosmetic surgery procedures shouldn’t be given to girls who aren’t yet in their twenties. However, many non-invasive treatments are perfectly safe for teenage girls. Here are some fabulous beauty treatments that you’re never too young for.

Dental Treatments

In fact, it is often recommended that any dental treatments are done at a young age. This is especially the case if your daughter wants braces to straighten out her teeth. That’s because the gums will still be fairly soft and supple. That can help the teeth to move back into their correct positions much more easily. Teeth whitening treatments are also safe for teenagers to have. If your teenage daughter looks after her teeth once they are whitened, she won’t have to go back for a top-up anytime too soon.


Teenagers can also have facials. Why not go with your daughter for a pampering day together? While she’s having her treatment, you could treat yourself to a Sciton BBL Photofacial. When your daughter is having her regular facial, she should expect her face to be massaged by a masseuse. Lots of creams and lotions will be applied to the skin to help it stay silky smooth. All of the massaging will improve the blood flow to the skin, which can help to keep the skin looking youthful.

Spray Tans

If your teenager is heading off on a girly holiday soon, she may be asking for a spray tan. There is absolutely nothing to worry about when getting a spray tan. All she will need to do is strip off to her underwear and stand in a spray booth. The beauty therapist will then spray her down with some fake tanning lotion. The only worry is that the therapist does the tan too dark and your daughter comes out looking like she’s been baking in the oven!

Eyebrow Threading

Almost every teenage girl wants her eyebrows to look neat and tidy. After all, when have uni-brows ever been in fashion?! One of the latest trends for eyebrows is threading. This is an ancient Indian hair-removing technique. The beauty therapist will use threads of cotton to remove each hair one by one. It is a fairly painless procedure, and many girls now prefer to have their eyebrows threaded rather than waxed.

Bikini Wax

Only older teenagers should have a bikini wax done. The pubic hairs need to be fully developed, so it is best to wait a year or two after they start growing. There is nothing embarrassing about having a bikini wax. The beauty therapist will have seen it all before; it’s just an everyday routine for her now! Make sure your teenager knows that it might be very painful at first. But after a few visits for the wax, the pain gets slightly easier to bear.

So how about a mother and daughter day at your local spa?!

*This is a collaborative post, please read my full disclosure here.

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