Changing To Natural Products To Improve Your Health

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One of the recent changes I have found is using natural products wherever I can. I feel so much better for it within myself and I know that I am not damaging my body anymore. Having Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has made me see that everything around me has a reaction to my health, right down to the makeup I wear and the air I breathe. The changes I have made in my life have made a huge difference to my life for the better, here are a few of the changes I have made.

Natural Shampoo and Conditioner

One of the easiest changes to make was to change my shampoo and conditioner. there are so many natural products out there now, so I've been trying out a few. The solid shampoo from pachamamai was a wonderful product, and the Faith in Nature coconut shampoo and intensive conditioner has been another favourite. 

The solid shampoo is great for lasting a lot longer than an average bottle of shampoo as well as feeling amazing. The coconut shampoo and intensive conditioner leave your hair so soft and I find it is really good at brightening my white hair and making us feel fabulous.

Natural Skincare

Another of the easiest changes I made was to stop using harsh chemicals on my face, whenever possible. I had been looking for a natural moisturiser and found a few face oils and serums that do an amazing job. Two, in particular, I really like, Jojoba Oil and the Renew Face Oil from Ermana. Another of my favourites is my new face wash from Organic Surge, it is amazing and lasts forever. 

Natural Body Wash

A new body wash I have been trying out over the past two weeks has been the organic Aurora Body Wash from Benessence and the 100% natural body polish and souffle from Skinsincere

All of these body washes and skin care washes are all amazing in their own right. the Aurora body wash has an amazing smell of Aloe Vera and it glides over your body, you feel so refreshed after using it. the body polish and skin souffle from Skinsincere are great for getting the dead skin cells off and leaving your body smooth and clean.

Natural Toothpaste

I haven't managed to go down the route of natural toothpaste yet, but there are so many wonderful companies out there making them. Pachamamai the French company that makes the solid shampoo also does solid toothpaste in a tin, when you have used it up all you do is buy another block of the toothpaste and it fits right in the original tin you bought. This saves on the environment and your health. Another one that I've seen around is the Georganics remineralising coconut oil toothpaste that comes in a 120ml tin which includes an activated whitening charcoal. if I become brave enough I will choose one of these to try.

So there are quite a few changes I have made, and you can also make to improve your health and your pocket at the same time. all these products last so much longer than any bottle or tube you buy from the supermarket. 

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