The Best Ways To Discover The Latest Beauty Trends And Must-Haves!

Stuck in a beauty rut? Got a makeup bag full of 2014 and 2015 products? Shake things up and bring everything firmly into 2016! There are loads of great places to discover new techniques, products, and brands. Let’s take a look at a handful of them!


Youtube Tutorials

Youtubers are taking the world by storm in 2016! A lucky few of them have even managed to make careers out of this. Rather than being cynical, get on board. They are one of the very best ways to find out about trends and must-haves. Why? Because brands are learning just how much power and influence these people have. So, they send them brand new and just-released products in the hope that the Youtuber will feature them. This means that you can see products before they’ve even been released to the public! Youtubers will often also link to the products they feature. This means that you can go and buy makeup online or know where to pick up that hair product you loved the look of!

Why is it a great way to discover the latest beauty trends and must-haves?

Because you get to see what the packaging looks like, how the product applies and how it looks on the skin.

Glossy Magazines
Sales of glossy magazines have decreased in recent years. So has the thickness of them. However, they’re still great to buy. This is because they do the hard work for you. Rather than you combing through the drugstore aisles for the best items? The magazine does that bit for you. Look for features where they pit products against each other and rank them most effective to least effective. Glossy magazines are also one of the best places to discover new ways to wear makeup, and new colour schemes and looks. This is because they have a professional beauty team who know all about these things. They go to the fashion shows and catwalks and launches and find out what is going to be big. Then they translate that into a way that we can wear it on an everyday basis.
Why is it a great way to discover the latest beauty trends and must-haves?
Because the magazine's editors, writers, and stylists do all of the hard work for you!
Beauty Blogs
Many people put blogs and vlogs in the same category, but they’re actually very different. While vlogs (as mentioned in point 1) focus on videos, blogs are all about the words and pictures. So, if you like to read about your beauty trends and must-have, rather than watch videos, beauty blogs are for you. Once you find one that you like - be sure to subscribe to them. This means that when they upload new blogs, you’ll get an email to let you know. This allows you to keep on top of the latest beauty trends.
Why is it a great way to discover the latest beauty trends and must-haves?
Because like Youtubers, the bloggers get early access to the best trends and products on the market, or coming soon!
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