Couples Calendar | A Must Have For The Busy Couple

This is a new one on me, I had never heard of a Couples Calendar before, but when I saw it I knew it was something I needed to have.

It's just amazing, it's a month to view calendar for two people with enough space to write in all your appointments, your partners appointments, your together appointments, day trips etc and it also has a separate section for birthdays as well as a 'to do' list on the same page.

From September this year to December you have a normal type calendar with boxed sections to fill in any projects etc, then from January you have the full month view with the added boxes for both you and your partner and the 'us' section for activities you will be doing together. That takes you through to December.

At the end of the calendar you have more sections which include:

  • Things to do
  • Useful Numbers & Name
  • Dates to mark
  • 2 year smaller calendar
  • Budget page
  • pocket to keep papers or cards

So all in all this Couples Calendar has plenty of room for everything you need to remember throughout the whole year, so there's no excuse for forgetting anything now. As long as you remember to write in the calendar.

You can purchase the Couples Calendar at Amazon for £6.99

*This post contains affiliate links and I received this calendar for a reduced price in exchange for an honest review.

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