Bad Week? How To Spend Your Weekend To Boost Your Mood!

It can be easy to feel run down after a bad week in your professional or personal life. We end up feeling exhausted by the time we get to the weekend. But as much as a great lie in can help us rejuvenate, it’s sometimes good to get up and do some other things to feel good again. Here is how to spend your weekend so you can boost your mood.

Go for a haircut

One way to lift your spirits at the weekend is to go for a haircut. It’s a great treat to sit and get pampered while you chill out. You will also feel refreshed when you come out of the salon with a new haircut. It can help to build your confidence and will definitely put a smile on your face. You should get your hair washed while you are in the salon, as they will use good quality shampoo and conditioner to ensure it looks fantastic. After you get it cut, read my previous blog about keeping your hair in a good condition.

Go for a spa day

Another way you should spend your weekend after a bad week is to go for a spa day. You will get to relax while you get a number of treatments completed on your body. It can be good to get rid of any tension in your muscles which might be there after the bad week. You might want to get a body massage which will help you to relax and unwind. Go for a spa day with a friend or family member as it can be more fun to chill with a friendly face.

Go for a long walk

You should also go for a long walk if you want to boost your mood after a busy week. A walk will give you some time to reflect on the bad week. You could go alone and take some music with you to listen to. Or you could go with a friend so you can both chat about your week. Getting out and completing exercise is also good as it’s a great mood booster.

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Write a letter to yourself

Another way you can spend your weekend to boost your mood is to write a letter to yourself. You can write down everything you have done in the last week. Consider what you have accomplished and what you should be proud of. Try and think of positives, rather than negatives, and will soon feel better. You could also look back at old journals and blogs. As this feature explains, seeing how far you have come will give you an emotional and mental boost.

Go and spoil yourself

You can also spoil yourself at the weekend to boost your mood after a bad week. Nothing beats some good retail therapy if you want to feel better about your life. Treat yourself to a new outfit or a great new pair of shoes. After all, you have earnt it after the last week. Grab a friend and hit the shops for an instant mood boost.

You should also read a great book if you want to lift your mood after a bad week. It will help you unwind and will stop you thinking about everything else going on in your mind.

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