Keeping Fresh with the Comfort Range from Perspirex

I recently had the chance to work with the lovely people at PERSPIREX* and review one of their antiperspirant roll on's, it's not just an ordinary roll on, this particular one in the Comfort range is a high-performance antiperspirant using the Cpx skin care system to leave your skin dry and extra soft. 

'It is clinically proven to provide superior and long-lasting protection, Perspirex is able to solve any sweat problem'.
All of their antiperspirants in the range are unisex and fragrance free, making it the ideal antiperspirant for both men and women, with the effects lasting between 3-5 days.

How To Use

1. Apply to dry and unbroken skin

It is very important that your skin is completely dry and unbroken before application.

2. Apply at night

Apply Perspirex at night before going to bed as the sweat glands are less active at night. When you start, use Perspirex every night, until you have achieved the desired effect - usually within 1 week. Allow Perspirex to dry fully after application.

3. Wash off in the morning

Wash off in the morning with soap and water. Do not re-apply as the effect will last even after a shower. Should you wish to, you can also apply a regular scented deodorant or perfume. This will not affect the efficacy.

Having Fibromyalgia, one of my many symptoms is excessive sweating, I have been trying every deodorant under the sun to try and help with this symptom but nothing seems to last until the end of the day, along with having little energy to even get dressed some days, the problem becomes even more unmanageable.

Since trying out the Comfort antiperspirant from Perspirex I just can't believe that it really works, since nothing else has worked before I truly was not expecting this to work for me. I keep smelling under my arms like some strange lunatic to check that it still works.

I tested the Comfort antiperspirant for two weeks, I did exactly what it says in the instructions and I have no more sweat problems. You can try this out for yourself if you are having similar problems. 

Perspirex can easily be purchased from Boots at the price of £8.49 or similarly can be found at Amazon for a similar price.

*This post contains affiliate links, I was also given this product for free in exchange for an honest review, you can read my disclosure here.

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