Peace And Tranquillity with Organic Aromas

I was lucky enough to be able to work with Organic Aromas* in showing you a new concept of Aromatherapy in the home or office, they are very well known in America and are hoping to offer their service worldwide by bringing their products to the United Kingdom and beyond.

Who are Organic Aromas

Organic Aromas are a group of experienced healthcare professionals who came up with the idea of bringing Aromatherapy into the home and small office using pure organic essential oils in an exclusively designed nebulizing diffuser.

The Product

The product I tried was the Raindrop Essential Oil Diffuser, this product works by using the Bernoulli's Principle which uses no heat or water to dispel the essential oils, but air filtered through the internal tube forcing the oils to filter out in their pure state with no water, heat or any chance of burning or corroding the system.

The Oil Diffuser works by connecting it to an electric socket and using a low current to start the process of diffusing the essential oils, it has a volume button to accurately diffuse the amount of essential oils you would like.

The diffuser also uses LED mood lighting in the system to enhance the overall effect of the diffuser. Giving an all round relaxed feeling throughout the use of your diffuser.

  • The most effective diffuser of pure Essential Oils on the market. Silently nebulizes using the Bernoullis Principle. Perfect for aromatherapy, place in the spa, office, bathroom, kitchen, classroom or meeting area.
  • Uses No Heat or Water Maintaining the Holistic and Therapeutic Properties of Essential Oils. Has "volume" switch to precisely control how much oil you diffuse.
  • Low energy consumption, the unit has a Usage Cycles of 2 minutes On, and 1 minute Off.  Auto Shut-off after 120 minutes. Excellent atomizing performance requires little essential oil to saturate the air quickly. Under ideal conditions can “service” a room of up to 80sqm (800+ sq ft).
  • The unit measures approximately 25cm (10 inches) tall and 15 cm (6 inches) wide. It features soothing LED Mood Lighting. It works on any electrical outlet (110 or 220v) and comes with the electrical plug adapter for your market (USA, UK, EU, Australia, etc).
  • Refined and elegant hand-made wood base and custom-blown glass diffuser makes the device a work of artistic craftsmanship. The unit is the perfect gift for any occasion.

My Thoughts

I received the Raindrop Essential Oil Diffuser in around 12-14 days direct from the manufacturer, it was securely packed in the box you see in the picture with a foam insert, all pieces of the diffuser where individually placed in their own sections to protect against breakage.

In the box I received the glass bulb part of the diffuser carefully wrapped in a suede drawstring bag and all the other pieces to put the diffuser together, the electrical cable, plug, droppers, base and lid, it also had a bottle of the Signature 100% pure essential oil.

After putting it all together I turned it on, it immediately started to diffuse the essential oil and the LED light started going through the colours.

The Diffuser is very quiet and you would forget it was on if it wasn't for the colours. The smell of the essential oil is gorgeous but quite strong to start with but you soon get used to it once it's been on a while, and the colours are gorgeous, it's like having a subtle lamp on helping you to relax into enjoying the peace and tranquillity of the moment.

All in all I loved the Raindrop Diffuser and would consider buying other options to try out in other rooms, if you would like to try out any of the essential oil diffusers, Organic Aromas have given me a discount code to share with you to get 15% off your purchase, just add SHAREME in the discount code box and you will receive your 15% off.

*This is a sponsored post, Organic Aromas sent me the Raindrop Essential Oil Diffuser for free to try in exchange for an honest review.

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