Naturally White Hair With Help From White Hot

I have been lucky enough to have been sent the whole range from the lovely team at White Hot*, if you don't already know, they are a leading brand of haircare products in the UK for women with white or grey hair.

The products in the range are :
  • Brilliant Shampoo - a brightening boost to light up your white/grey hair when you need it
  • Glorious Shampoo - gentle shine-giving cleanse for glossy white/grey hair everyday
  • Luminous Conditioner - conditioner that provides flex & shinefor lustrous white/grey hair
  • Shooshing Creme - give short white/grey hair texture, definition and oomph in a flash
  • Intense Lustre Mask - an intensive conditioning mask to revitalise white/grey hair
  • Lifeshine Oil - perfect for longer hair, this is a multi-purpose, light-weight oil for glossy, smooth white/grey hair

I had been struggling for years to keep my dark hair free from white roots, in the end I was dying my hair every two weeks and it was getting me so stressed and it became so exhausting that I decided enough was enough, I wasn't going to dye my hair again and I would let my hair go white.

Having no patience I ended up getting my hair cut short to help with the transaction into going white/grey, that helped with not having a big white strip down my head while the rest of my hair was dark. Once it started to grow again I noticed it was starting to become a shade of yellow rather than the white it actually was, I think using straighteners on it makes it go that yellowy tinge, but if I didn't straighten my hair I would have a frizz bomb.

After using the widely available purple shampoo on the market and not seeing any difference I really wanted to try White Hot products to see if they would make any difference, so when they arrived at my house I was so excited to try them.

I started off using the Brilliant Shampoo because my hair was so horribly yellow and it needed a boost along with the Luminous Conditioner, even after my first wash I could see a great improvement, my hair was actually turning white.

I used these both twice each and then I also used the Intense Lustre Mask for an extra conditioning along with the Lifeshine Oil after my second shampooing and conditioning and that's when I saw the most dramatic difference in my hair.

I did struggle to find a picture of myself with the yellowish tinge because I hated having my picture taken, you can probably see from the expression on my face.

But now I am delighted with the results of my White Hot hair products, I have noticed that the Intense Lustre Mask has straightening properties in it and you can tell, my hair has been so soft and sleek since using it, I was using Frizzease before and it is good, but if you have white/grey hair it doesn't help to keep it bright. 

So I think I've found myself a solution by using the Intense Lustre Mask and the Lifeshine Oil along with the shampoo and conditioner to keep my hair looking white and bright and help to keep it smooth and sleek.

All the products mentioned in this post can be purchased directly from the White Hot website or from and

* White Hot sent me the products in this post so I could try them for free in exchange for an honest review.

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