This Months Free Books | Suspense, Thriller & Romance

I thought since we all loved our books but also loved a bargain that I would give you a list of some free books at the Kindle store. You can read these books on your kindle or through the kindle App on your tablet or phone. These books are all free at the moment, I will split them into genre's to make it easy for you to follow, remember at the time of posting these books were free on, some price changes may have occurred since posting.




As you can see all of these books are on sale at for £0.00, this is because this may be the authors first book which gives you an insight into the type of writer they are in the hope you like them and you will continue buying their books.

Out of the above books the only one I have read is "Once Gone" and I really enjoyed it I just haven't got round to writing the review for it yet, but please if you read any of the books let the authors know by giving them stars at least which gives other buyers a feel of how you liked it.

Thank you for reading my post xx

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