My Bargain Makeup & Accessory Storage

We all like a bargain so when I spotted these pieces in my local Poundland store I thought they would be perfect for storing my makeup.

Since I started buying loads of makeup and nail polish I realised It was quickly starting to get a bit overcrowded on my dressing table and running out of storage fast.

Obviously being from Poundland they all cost a mere £1 each and you can never have enough storage.

The first item I saw was the Heart Shaped plastic storage which I bought just for the fact it was Heart shaped, the individual compartments are around the right size to fit a lipstick in each one, although there may be other things I could put in it if I really think about it.

Then out the corner of my eye I spotted the Large Vintage Makeup Bag, and I think this was my best find, I love it, it is very large though, it's actually double the size you can see in the picture because I folded it in half to get everything in the picture.

My last find was the Jewellery Organiser, well that's what I've called it, it is useful for all sorts of stuff, I have hung it in my bedroom next to my dressing table, if I use my imagination I could put a variety of things on it, so far I have a few necklaces on it, but I'm sure I'll find plenty of things to hang on it.

So all in all I thing I did well for my bargain finds and only spending £3, I think that's been my cheapest day shopping ever.

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