Children's Books | How They Shape Our Kids' Lives

Even when my kids where little I had a passion for Children's Books and what they could give to my kids. I loved the way the kids could interact with every story you told them and eventually they would memorize the words you told them and created their own little story by looking at the pictures even before they could read.

I was always drawn by the colours and graphics of a book, it's how I see everything, I find the beauty in colours, details and in the story the cover of the book tells us. Yes I love my Kindle App but you can't get the feeling and pleasure of a beautiful looking book.

Even now that my kids have their own kids, I still manage to squeeze a book in at Birthdays or Christmas, books are still an important way to teach our kids the beauty of opening a book, seeing the wonderful graphics that an artist has lovingly designed and being able to follow the story to the end with the pictures and know that you can pick it up again in a few days and your child will love it just as much every time.

Learning to read through the interaction your child gets by you reading to them gives our children a beginning that is shaped from the roots through to adulthood and through into their own child's life, now that must be worth something to give your child that beginning.

With so many talented writers and graphic designers out there we have an endless choice of gorgeous books to choose from to give our children that start.

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