Next | Sparkle & Paradise Eau De Parfum Review

After a trip into town originally looking for some more nail polish I came across the perfume display in Next, I must admit I was sidetracked slightly, after testing out a few difference fragrances I settled on two I liked, Sparkle & Paradise. 

They are small but just right for travelling and keeping in your handbag.

Sparkle Eau De Parfum

This fragrance was the one I picked first it is a light flowery fragrance, not too strong, but it lingers all day.

A radiant floriental with sparkling citrus & luminous floral notes wrapped in precious woods.

Paradise Eau De Parfum

This was my second choice from a huge range of different fragrances, this one is more fruity than floral, and also lingers all day.

A light fragrance with white florals and green notes.

Both Fragrances come in a 10ml spray bottle which is handy for travelling abroad or slipping into your handbag for a quick spray when you need it. 

All the fragrances from Next come with the FRAME label that insures the customer that the fragrance is not tested on animals.

Both fragrances can be bought from Next at the price of £4 each for the 10ml bottles, other sizes are available in store and online.

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