Jack Wills Body Spray Trio

It Must Be My Age

I received the Jack Wills body spray trio gift set for my Christmas by my hubby after spotting it in Boots online, I hadn't seen any of their products before so I thought I'd give it a try.

All Three bottles look posh and girly, they look great sitting on my desk amongst my other stuff. I like the fact that they are spray bottles, less likely to choke to death after spraying these compared to the compressed sprays that are on the market.

These Three sprays each come in 125ml bottles, they come in 3 different fragrances Hope Cove, English Velvet and Jack Wills.

All scents in these little spray bottles are refreshing and light, the smell doesn't stick around all day but they are great for a quick spritz while your out and they are small enough to stick in your handbag.

My favourite spray is the Jack Wills original one, although I do like all of them, I also made use of the box to store my nail polishes, so bargain all around.

You can buy them on Amazon now at a ridiculous price, but hopefully Boots will bring them out again nearer Christmas, my hubby paid £10.00 for the trio, well worth getting as they would probably last throughout the year.

Thank you for reading my post xx


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