5 Ways of Making a Bit Extra Cash Online

In these times when we're all a bit short of cash and looking for a quick way to make some extra without much effort, the internet is the obvious choice to start.

I've found a few ways of making a bit extra money that doesn't take too much effort as long as you have a laptop/ipad/pc/iphone, internet connection and some spare time there's nothing to lose.

So here are a few ways I have chosen for you:

TopCashBack has to be number one in my book, you just can't go wrong with it, you sign up and start shopping, they have over 4,000 merchants that you can choose from and every so often they have offers on in particular shops.

So how does it work? You register for an account, you type in the shop you want to purchase something from, with any luck it will be in the dropdown list, you click on it and it'll tell you how much cashback you can get, you then click on "get cashback" and it takes you straight into the shop, you purchase your item as usual and then TopCashBack takes you back to their site and your purchase will be tracked. Simple, just remember to log into TopCashBack before making any purchase.

Online Surveys are a great way of earning some money, it won't make you millions but it soon adds up.
There's two I would recommend which are My Survey and  Valued Opinions, with My Survey you get points for every survey you complete that is added instantly, once you have 345 points you can redeem it for £3 to be paid by PayPal or save it up to get a bigger lump sum, you can also redeem at Amazon and other outlets.
With Valued Opinions you earn a cash amount for every survey you complete which adds up instantly, sometimes it's only 50p and other times it's £1.50 or more per survey, once you get to £10.50 you can redeem for vouchers for a whole range of shops including Boots and Argos, once you get to £15.50 you can redeem for Amazon vouchers.

Selling Online this is one we have all done at some point between selling our old books and clothes on Ebay or a Facebook selling page, but you can go one step further and start selling your skills online.

Let your skills make you money online, if you can make something that you can sell then do it, or if you're good at writing use your talent to make you money, sell ebooks. Set up a free website and sell you skills or talents online, you'd be amazed at how much you can make and who knows you could even turn it into a business.

Reward Cards this is one we all forget about, you can even use them all online, for example if you get your shopping online at Tesco or Sainsbury's your points will soon add up then you can double them up at regular times of the year. Boots is another one where you can shop online and build up the points, in fact there are reward cards for just about every shop you use and they all turn into cash to be redeemed against purchases.

Become an Affiliate If you have your own website, even one of the free ones you can affiliate with companies that suit your sites style.
When you affiliate with companies they give you links and banners to put on your site and if your site visitors click on that link or banner and purchase something through your link you will get paid for it. If you end up having a lot of visitors you can build up quite a bit of cash.

Remember if you are earning a lot of extra cash it is classed as a second income so you will need to register with HMRC.

Thank you for reading my post xx

*This post contains referral links and affiliate links.

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