What Am I Wearing Today? | L.A. Colors Mood Lip Gloss

Today I'm wearing L.A. Colors Mood lip gloss in the shade of Emotional, L.A. Colors have three lip glosses in this range, Mystique, Emotional and In The Mood.

So far I have tried Emotional and Mystique, they are both gorgeous lip glosses, the sheen they give off is amazing, I am so taken with them that I have stock piled in case they run out, bearing in mind I'm still on my first one that I bought over 2 months ago, it lasts absolutely ages and is well worth the money at only £1.50 for a 13ml tube, it has no real taste but is thick on the lips but not in a sticky way.

This amazing Mood Gloss changes colour based on your mood! The gloss instinctively changes colour based on your body chemistry, adapting to fluctuations in the temperature of your skin to alternate between shades. Transform your lips from drab to fab in seconds!

As you can see from the picture above it catches the light perfectly, can be worn any time any where it looks great with whatever you wear, even if you're just popping to the gym or going shopping, you'll feel like you have all your make up on.

As the quote says, It changes colour with your mood, I have noticed that sometimes I put it on it looks more Pink some days than it does others.

You can buy all the L.A. Colors lip glosses from Beauty Crowd for £1.50 for a 13ml tube.

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