Becoming a Coconut Queen for Coconut Lane London

Becoming a Coconut Queen

This week I had the opportunity to become a Coconut Queen, A what? yes that's what I thought too, so my curiosity got the better of me and I had to have a look.

I was reading through my tweets and it just popped out at me "Become a Coconut Queen" so I thought yeah every woman wants to be a queen no matter how we get there.

Reading through the application I decided to sign myself up, I received a lovely email from the team at Coconut Lane inviting me to join and that was that.

Becoming a Coconut Queen means I have a unique code IMBMA20 that I share with my followers and friends enabling them to get 20% off any purchase at Coconut Lane.

At Coconut Lane they sell a variety of treasures suitable for a gift or a special treat for yourself including Jewellery, cards, mobile phone skins for iphone 6, wall art and accessories with that special twist you get with Coconut Lane.

Take a look at their site and remember to use the code to receive 20% off every order, every time.

Thank you for reading my post xx

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