Nicka K. New York Nail Polish

After taking advantage of Beauty Crowds 50% off sale which runs until Monday 1st February 2016 I purchased for myself Three of the Nicka K. New York nail polishes, I just couldn't resist the sexy looking bottle and the great colours they had on offer.

The Three colours I chose were Plum, Crystal Silver and Classic Taupe all 15ml and all priced at £4.95 each. (original price)

All three nail polishes are in the most gorgeous sleek bottles with a brushed bronze coloured lid with a long neck, but not detracting from the shape of the sleek easy to handle bottle.

Plum - The Plum coloured polish is a rich deep colour and nice shine, easy to put on with the thin brush that glides easily for great coverage needing 1-2 coats before your top coat.

Crystal Silver - The Crystal Silver coloured polish  is a gorgeous sparkly polish that also glides on just as well with full coverage and great looking results with 2 coats needed for the best effect. This one is my favourite so far, it is so sparkly and looks amazing.

Classic Taupe - The Classic Taupe coloured polish is actually a deep chocolate style colour with a lovely shine needing 1-2 coats for the perfect coverage. As with the other Two polishes it glides on very easily leaving a nice shine.


I purchased these nail polishes with my own money, but I am an affiliate for Beauty Crowd who sells the Nicka K. New York nail polish.

Thank you for reading my post xx

This post contains affiliate links.

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