New Look Pure Gel Polish Review

I received the New Look Pure Gel Nail Polish and the Pure Gel Top Coat through the post a few days ago after subscribing to the New Look email quite a while ago as they had a promotion going in which you could receive two free gel nail polishes for signing up.
I had absolutely forgotten all about them until the postman dropped them off.

I was excited and surprised to say the least, so naturally I had to try them out, In my little pack I received the Magenta Pure Gel nail polish (although the website calls it bright Pink) and the Clear Pure Gel top coat. Both can be purchased from New Look at £2.99 each.

At first look I wasn't holding out any hope that these would be any good to be honest, but I must admit I was surprised.

I started with my base coat that I already have then added one coat of the Pure Gel polish, it went on very well considering the small brush it looked like it had a good shine so I waited for it to dry. It only took a few minutes which is good because I usually end up smudging and having to reapply. Once it was dry I decided it didn't need a second coat so I added the Pure Gel top coat which also had a good shine to it and left it to dry.

The Magenta colour is a very striking colour, in bright lights it looks like a blood Red then in a darker light its more of a dark deep Red, I like it.

At £3.99 I think it is quite good value and I think I will have a look at the rest of the Pure Gel Polish range and maybe try out a few more colours.

Have you tried the New Look Pure Gel Polish yet? Let me know what you thought.

Thank you for reading my post xx

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