Simply Be or Curvissa: Clothes for the Curvier Ladies

I don't get out much these days but when I do I like to have something that fits and makes me feel comfortable.

I've never had a problem much with clothing in the past, I became more curvier as usual after having my kids, but since being on medication for my Fibro/CFS and being less mobile I have added to my curves which in turns mean I now have to buy bigger clothes (no surprise there then).

So as like many of us in the same position I've turned to the larger ladies (plus size as it's now referred to) online shops to keep me clothed for the past year and thought I would do a review on my findings so far.

There are only two companies I use regularly for my clothing habits which are Simply Be and Curvissa so here is my personal take on both services.

Simply Be

They have served me well throughout the past year, I started off with them buying clothes for comfort as at that stage I was irritated to say the least by all clothing, so the more comfortable and loose the better.
I then progressed onto their fashion clothing which I found very good.

As I thought it was the only place I could get my clothes from, now that I had more curves than I used to, I was elated to have found great clothes to suit me at a great price.

Simply Be are very reasonable in their prices, so if you are on a low budget they are good, they have a huge amount of choice, their quality is reasonably good throughout but not very quick on the delivery side though, which means if you're in a hurry you need to pay for next day delivery which can add up substantially. They do send you emails quite regularly for free delivery but I usually find this is just after I have ordered something from them.


I found Curvissa through a TV ad one day and thought I'd give them a try, (just for research purposes you understand).

They are starting to be my favourite shop, they are quite expensive for some of their lines but you can find some very reasonably priced products too, they don't have as much choice as simply Be but they're getting there.

I find their quality to be very good so far and their delivery is second to none, they even deliver on a Sunday as a normal delivery day, I have never had to pay for next day delivery as they aim to deliver as soon as they can, I am very impressed with everything about them at the moment, so much so that I have to stop myself from looking at their catalogue when it comes through the door, as I know I will order something gorgeous.

So there you have it, that was my personal view of online plus size stores where I bought clothes and accessories with my own money.

There are probably more online shops for the curvier among us, but I haven't found them yet, if you have tried out any other online shops for the larger lady and had some success please let me know, I'm always keen to try out new shops.

Thank you for reading my post xx

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