My top 10 Beauty bloggers

I've only been blogging and following other bloggers for a few months now, but I have to say I have found the most influential and passionate bloggers are in the beauty blogging community, they are so great at what they do, giving their personal opinion and reviews for all novices like myself I thought I would give you my own personal list of my top 10 beauty bloggers.

1. Makeup Monster ~ One of the first beauty bloggers I first came across, Irish beauty blogger from Dublin, very honest and straight to the point, she always has plenty of advice on different types and brands of makeup, even the more expensive ones too.

2. Chocolate & Lipstick ~ Canadian lady living in the UK blogging about beauty and lifestyle, great posts, lots of tips on how to get American make up and the odd bargain here and there.

3. Chronic Beauty ~ A former qualified beauty therapist above other things, living in the West Country blogging about makeup and all things beauty related while suffering with a chronic illness on a daily basis. Great posts and very informative.

4. ~ Another fabulous Irish beauty blogger with plenty of experience under her belt, loads of tips, reviews and great info on a variety of makeup. She has been featured in a few magazines and was once part of chatterbox.

5. Hannah Heartss ~ Beauty blogger living in Essex, she blogs mainly about beauty products but does dip into fashion and lifestyle every now and then. NYX blogger of the month for June 2014. Is now blogging nearly every day.

6. Beauty Queen UK ~ Beauty blogger living in London, with a passion for beauty and all things pampering, some occasional blogs about shoes, clothes, bags etc. and her two cats. She is the  wife of BeautyKingUK.

7. Chronic Pain Cockney ~ Another new beauty blogger, great reviews on the lower priced brands that we all forget about, good insights into blogging even though she's new, one of my go to bloggers.

8. The Lovecats inc ~ Beauty and Style blogger from Newcastle, no cats involved, but plenty of makeup and fashion and a little cake now and then. She now has a magazine journalism degree behind her and a passion for fashion and beauty, also giving tips on all things beauty and blogging tips for us newbies.

9. Rebecca Coco ~ Full time blogger Psychology graduate from Oxford, who blogs about beauty, personal style and lifestyle. another straight forward and honest blogger. Works with various brands you may never have heard of before.

10. The Cosmetic Aesthetic ~ self confessed beauty junkie living in the UK, blogging about new releases, sharing tips and tricks as well as reviews on makeup, haircare and skincare with her trusty kitty Boo by her side.

So there it is my very own top 10 list of Beauty Bloggers I find myself hooked on. I hope you have enjoyed my little snippet of beauty bloggers, there are plenty more fabulous bloggers out there to mention, maybe that's a cue for another blog. Please take a look at their websites you won't be disappointed.

Please let me know who your favourite beauty bloggers are I'd be delighted to hear from you all.

Remember all these bloggers can be followed on all social networks so get connecting.

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