Cut & Blow Dry Scenario

After a few dodgy haircuts and an episode that Britney would be proud of I decided that I should face the whole "cut & blow dry scenario" I've been avoiding since being diagnosed with fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
You're probably thinking "what does that have to do with going to the hairdressers". Well, let me talk you through my day.

Before the appointment

On the lead up to the appointment I started to get anxious, not for the fact I was getting my hair cut, but because I knew how stressful and uncomfortable it all gets and the closer it was getting the more anxious I was getting. I did my best to keep calm and remembered to take my painkillers to try to combat the pain of sitting throughout the appointment.

On arrival

On arriving at the hairdresser's, the young receptionist bombarded me with a few questions, obviously my fibro fog kicked in and I stuttered like a confused old women trying to get my name out and why I was there, she looked at me like I was an idiot (not her fault, I probably sounded like one), she took my coat and sat me down with a glass of water which I had chosen out of the list of refreshments she had thrown my way.

Meeting the Hairdresser

The hairdresser I was booked in with had come over to introduce herself, bearing in mind by this time I was so anxious I could wring my hands out with the sweat that was building up, She was in my age range not much younger but I felt like a child when she put on the fake smile and pulled up a stool to sit beside me and then asked how my day had gone and if I was well (if only she knew) and what I would like done to my hair. My requests seemed manageable so I was led to the sink to have my hair washed. So far so good.

Washing & Cutting

This is the bit I hate, having to sit at the sink with your head back to get your hair washed, this is the most difficult bit for me because I have trouble swallowing in normal situations at the best of times, but when your head is tilted back it's even worse, so I spent the next 20 minutes (probably only 5 but felt like an eternity) struggling to swallow while my whole body started tensing up through the sheer anxiety of it all. Added on top was the slowest conditioning head massage I have ever had, the poor women didn't realise I was desperate to get off the chair because I was in agony.

Back in the chair to start the haircutting, this is when the chit chat starts

Hairdresser: have you been at work today?

Me: no I don't work

Hairdresser: do you have any children?

Me: yes they're all grown up now with their own kids

Hairdresser: blah blah blah, you don't look old enough, what do you do now since eh, since erm .......... becoming a grannie?

Me: Do you mean since not working ..............

What she really meant to say was "what do you do all day"

Needless to say, it went a bit quiet for a while after that, thank god the fatigue was kicking in and I was nodding off anyway.

The hair cutting went ok once I had got it perfected, just a few leg cramps, pain in my sides intermittently and the weight of the rubber thing they put around your neck weighing me down. Getting there I thought not long now.

Blow Drying

What can I say, why do hairdressers have to use the big round brush when drying your hair and make you look like you've got a big bouffant style, well anyway, I was pleased I never got my ears burned on this occasion and I was nearing the end of this ordeal.
A few blobs of some miracle cream and the last snip here and there and that was me finished, the only challenge left was to get out the chair and walk to the receptionist without looking like a ninety-year-old woman.

That was me done, just to avoid the reappointment because god knows the next time I'll be able to punish myself with an hour at the hairdressers, then out the door.

Phew, I made it, one of the longest hours I have had to put myself through in a while, I did feel bad for the poor hairdresser having to put up with me without knowing why I was such a bitch, I'm hoping the descent tip I left her made up for it.

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope it lets you see people in a different light, as we all don't have a visible illness and it can be quite hard to see what is going on with somebody who may be acting a little stranger than normal.

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