Luxury wish list top 5

My husband always says I've led a sheltered life up until the day we met, and I hate to say he's actually right, I hadn't enjoyed the finer things in life and the capability to explore the world and the little pleasures life can bring you.

So now that I'm in my late forties and in a position to explore in more detail what life can offer I thought I'd write my luxury wish list, these are the things I would love but probably could never afford.

Long weekend in a luxury spa hotel

This is something as I've got older I feel I may enjoy, just relaxing for three or four days being pampered, getting my nails manicured, having a Jacuzzi, maybe a massage and lounging by the pool and having a dip in warm water (can't be doing with cold water).

A walk In wardrobe

Who wouldn't want to be Carrie Bradshaw and have a walk in wardrobe, although I would quite like mine to have a dressing table with an ornate mirror so I can put my makeup on and do my hair, nails etc.
It would have to be White and have a shoe display for all the beautiful high heels I could look at on a daily basis (cos no way could I walk in them).

Indoor garage

Oh I would absolutely love one of these, it would have to have shiny floors, preferably white with all my favourite classic and Aston Martin cars so I could go in whenever I wanted to look at them, oh the indulgence of having your own indoor garage, much like the shoes I guess but on a bigger scale.

Holiday Home

A holiday home either in the UK or somewhere hot, big enough for all the family to meet up several times a year, stay, have fun and enjoy the time together, it doesn't have to be fancy but preferably on the beach or have a pool so the kids can play all day.

Trip to New York

I have fantasised for years about going to New York, It must be all the movies I watch (I blame Home Alone), I'd like to see all the famous sites, see the large Christmas tree, go into all the toy shops, go skating at central park, ride in a Yellow cab, go shopping and take thousands of pictures.

Thank you for reading my blog and remember this is a luxury wish list, It's not real life just an imaginary list of what we all (well me) fantasise about.

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